Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Here's another way to help your community

Long-time Cheverly Community Market supporters Friends of Lower Beaverdam are looking for additional helpers this Saturday... "FUN WAY TO WORK OFF THAT THANKSGIVING DAY FEAST! -- Join us! Join Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek this Saturday, Nov. 28-- two days after Thanksgiving--to get outdoors, walk the trail and work off that Turkey Day feast! Volunteers are needed to help remove invasive plants (such as ivy and honeysuckle) and do other stream restoration work with Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek (FLBC). We especially welcome families and high school and junior high school students, Scouts, and others who need badge work and school and community service hours. Refreshments, work tools, and gloves will be provided. Meet at Woodworth Park at Wayne Place in Cheverly between 9am and noon -- if not for the whole morning, even for an hour or two. For more info, contact Joani Horchler at 301-773-9671."

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gearing Up for Our Final Market of the Season

Many thanks to everyone who came out for our Thanksgiving Market -- we're always glad to see you! We are gearing up for the last Market of our season, the HolLinkiday Market. Keep watching the blog and website for news about vendors, recipes, and more. And if you're interested in joining us as a vendor for this special Market, download the application here.
From all of us at Cheverly Community Market, have a safe, happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Who's Coming to Thanksgiving Market?

We're excited for our 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Market at Cheverly Community Center! It's tomorrow, 9:00am-1:00pm in the Cheverly Community Center. We should have a lovely day -- sunny skies and relatively warm temperatures, so it's a perfect time to catch up with friends, stock up on provisions and get ready for a festive Thanksgiving week! We have over 20 vendors participating in what promises to be one of our best-ever Markets! Come early and have a hot cup of coffee from ChvBrew and a fresh Pastry from the Cheverly Breadbasket. Shop to live music from the Hot Noodles. There is still a little time to pre-order the following: OYSTERS! Circle C Oysters will be making a comeback for this market. Our Oyster lovers have missed him. It’s a very long trip to Cheverly from the southern point of St. Mary’s County so help make Rich’s trip worthwhile! If you want more than two dozen of his fresh, well-priced oysters, call in an order at 301-872-5126. At the Market: Stock up on local flavors to share: * Wines from TWO renowned Maryland vineyards (Black Ankle and Running Hare) * Maryland cheese from Eve's Cheese * Chocolaterra confections from Baltimore * Virgina Diner Peanuts and holiday plants from Cheverly Boy Scout Troup 257 * Cookies to Cocktails * Martha’s Jams * Cheverly Breadbasket * ChevBrew * Shlagel Farms * Simple Pleasures Ice Cafe * Circle C Oysters * Homer Kinsinger Turkeys * Clan Stewart Farm * Rebert's Farm/Benny's Produce Stand * Pax River Alpacas * Mystic Water Soap * Rose Fennell Pottery * Profusions of Glass * Willow Oak Flower and Herb Farm * wearable art and cards from Cheverly artist Diana Ndiaye. Looking ahead, order turkeys and sign up for Christmas trees this Saturday!
See you this Saturday at the Market!

Rebert's will have celery -- fresh picked!

In addition to the other amazing produce that Rebert's Farm/Benny's Produce Stand will bring to Market tomorrow, Matt Rebert has sent word the that plan to start picking our celery today, which means they'll will also have home-grown celery for Market!
See you Saturday at the Market!
(Image from

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Who's Coming to Thanksgiving Market? Chocolaterra

We're thrilled to have new vendor Chocolaterra, maker of handcrafted chocolates. Chocolaterra produces beautiful confections using organic ingredients and fair-trade chocolate in Baltimore. Their candies are naturally good -- no artificial flavors, preservatives or corn syrup. A box from Chocolaterra would make a lovely house gift (or a great treat on the road!) Make sure to stop by their table, learn more about the company, and buy a treat for yourself or someone you love!
See you Saturday at the Market!

Get Your Leaf Bags at the Market this Saturday

It's been awfully windy around here lately, and we're sure your lawn is covered in leaves! Our very own Master Gardener, Dave Kneipp, has contacted Juan Torres of Public Works. Clear leaf bags will be available at Saturday’s market: 50 clear leaf bags for $5. Pick up a set of 50, bag up those leaves, put them at the curb on Monday by 7:00am, and feel a sense of accomplishment for readying your lawn and home for the winter! And the great people at Public Works will be grateful to you for bagging those leaves!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Thanksgiving Market Wineries: Black Ankle and Running Hare

We are thrilled to announce that two amazing Maryland wineries will join us for our third annual Thanksgiving Market this Saturday, 9:00am-1:00pm, at Cheverly Community Center. Assistant Market Manager Cathy Wintermyer shares the following information about these award-winning wineries:

"Maryland has long been called 'America in Miniature' because of the variety of its terrain. We have the ocean, the sandy shores of the Chesapeake Bay area, the rolling hills of its central plain leading up to the mountains in Western Maryland -- and grapes can be grown in all of these areas. This year’s Thanksgiving Market features two of these distinct areas and their equally distinctive products.

"Black Ankle Vineyard, in the rolling foothills of Frederick County, is one of the major success stories in Maryland viticulture. Just look at the thoughtful way husband and wife Ed Boyce and Sarah O’Herron from Silver Spring went about their venture. It took them awhile, but dedication to the principle of biodynamics -- creating a healthy environment, relying as much as possible on natural controls to farm their grapes, has produced results. Their Crumbling Rock and Leaf-Stone Syrah are considered some of the most complex and interesting wines produced in the mid-Atlantic region, winning state competitions and local food and wine critics’ acclaim. And their tasting room at the vineyard was built with hay-bale insulation and “local” plaster -- a wonderful place to spend an afternoon in any season. Part of their success has been maintaining close connections with friends and family -- and creating quite a family of their own in the process.

"Husband and wife Mike and Barbara Scarborough of Running Hare Vineyard in Calvert County aspired to create some of the flavors Mike had tasted in France as a young person living there. The transition of Southern Maryland's economy from dependence on tobacco to something sustainable was fortuitous for the young couple. A new cooperative agricultural economy was being born just as they set about creating their dream. Their constant search for the flavors that wine drinkers want has led them to produce wines that can be paired with any cuisine or course has made them a favorite at wine festivals and farmer’s markets alike. Whether it be their award-winning Sangiovese, Pinot Grigio, Malbec or Jack Rabbit White with your holiday meal is yours to ponder deliciously -- at the Market.

"And remember to give a little bit of Maryland to your family and friends for holiday gifts. Let them taste where you live!"

See you this Saturday at Thanksgiving Market!

Remember: Today is the deadline to preorder your pies from Clan Stewart

Today is the last day to preorder pies from Clan Stewart! Click here to get the details. Linda will also have assorted baked goods, including cinnamon rolls, and Terry will have those delectable fresh eggs, lamb, chevon, beef, prok chops, and sausages (fresh and smoked chorizo, fresh and smoked andouille, kielbasa, hot italian, and breakfast) for your holiday cooking needs (and to stock your freezer!)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Who's coming to Thanksgiving Market? Cookies to Cocktails!

Cookies to Cocktails' Liz and Jarriel made a big impression at the recent Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show in Washington, DC, and Market regulars know why... The delicious treats they bring to us are really out of this world! This Saturday, they'll be at Thanksgiving Market with a great variety of treats (also available for pre-order -- see details below.) Cake Pops Tuxedo* - For those who like the finer things in life, these tuxedo pops are the perfect fit. They're balls of rich buttermilk chocolate cake decked out in crisp white chocolate suit. Dark Choco* - How do you improve on buttermilk chocolate cake? You cover it in a rich dark chocolate shell! These cake pops are a chocolate lovers dream in a convenient bite size portion. Red Velvet - Rich red velvet cake made with fresh buttermilk, mixed with yummy cream cheese icing, coated in a creamy white chocolate shell.
*as featured at the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show!
Pie Pops Pumpkin Spice - The perfect flavor for Thanksgiving, classic pumpkin spice pie. Apple - Cinnamon apple goodness, in a bite size pie-shaped bite... on a stick! Peach Spice - Made with Martha's Jams delicious peach spice jam, sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar, and baked in a bite sized pie crust.
Cake pops and pie pops are available for pre-order to pickup at Saturday's market or for Tuesday, November 24, just in time for Thanksgiving! Deadline for pre-orders for Saturday is Wednesday evening (11/18). Pre-order deadline for Thanksgiving orders (for delivery Tuesday, November 24) Saturday, November 21.
Cake pops and pie pops also make great party favors, stocking stuffers, or just-because treats. They'll also have an assortment of cookies, muffins, cupcakes, and other tasty treats!
See you Saturday at Thanksgiving Market!
(photo courtesy of Liz Esposito)

Pre-Order Ice Cream from Simple Pleasures!

Simple Pleasures Ice Cafe is bringing some amazing flavors for our Thanksgiving Market this Saturday. They'll have vanilla, sweet potato pecan, dulche de leche, chocolate decadence and pumpkin gingerbread. Wouldn't a scoop of sweet potato pecan be delicious on that Thanksgiving pecan pie? Or how about a little bowl of pumpkin gingerbread ice cream during the football game? Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong! Simple Pleasures makes their ice cream in the traditional European style, using fresh, organic, local ingredients. All will be available at the market, but your pleasure will be guaranteed if you pre-order: Quart $8.00, 1/2 Gallon $16.00. Pre-orders can be emailed, faxed (301-809-6988), or telephoned (301-809-6988) no later than Wednesday, November 18 by 7:00pm.
See you this Saturday at the Market!

Who's Coming to Thanksgiving Market? Shlagel Farm and Rebert's Farm/Benny's Produce

We've been so pleased to have our friends from Shlagel Farm and Rebert's Farm/Benny's Fruit Stand with us for the season. Both farms were new vendors this year, and it's been wonderful to have them on board. Personally, I've tasted some of the most delicious apples, peaches, tomatoes, onions and sweet potatoes I've ever had this Market season, and I'm grateful to these vendors for introducing new varieties to me! The growing season has come to an end, so sadly for us, this is the last Market of the year where we'll have Shlagel and Rebert's/Benney's with us. Both stands will have seasonal produce offerings -- apples, cabbage kale, sweet potatoes, winter squash, onions, potatoes -- for your Thanksgiving table and beyond. Remember, most produce at this time of year is excellent for keeping; stock up now on winter squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, and apples so you'll have delicious ingredients on hand for cold weather stews and other treats! Please make sure to stop by the Shlagel and Rebert's Benny's stands to thank Ellen, Matt and the other people who come to our Market throughout the season. And encourage them to come back next year!
See you this Saturday at the Market!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Circle C Oyster Ranch Will Be at Thanksgiving Market!

We're thrilled to announce that Rich Pelz of Circle C Oyster Ranch will be joining us for Thanksgiving Market. Many of you have asked when he'll be back, so sharing this news with you just in time for the holiday is a great treat for us! Circle C oysters are young and tender when they're ready for the table. Circle C grows its oysters only in Maryland approved waters. They use specialized production system that results in a unique line of oysters -- the Lineback©. They taste different from wild oysters -- milder and sweeter. These oysters a fantastic addition to your holiday table and a real Maryland treasure. Rich will happily take advance orders -- if you want two dozen or more, please give him a call (301-872-5126).
See you at the Thanksgiving Market!

Our Thanksgiving Market is just 10 days away!

It's almost here -- our third annual Thanksgiving Market. We're lining up some amazing vendors (with more signing on every day), including old favorites and great surprises! You can get the very latest news on our vendors for this special event by visiting the blog frequently over the next week and a half. Help us spread the word! Click the Thanksgiving Market logo above for a downloadable flyer. Please share it with your friends, neighbors, coworkers... The Thanksgiving Market will be full of wonderful treats, and we want to share with as many people as possible! And if you're a vendor interested in coming to our special Markets, download the application.
See you at the Thanksgiving Market!

Pre-order Thanksgiving Pies from Clan Stewart Now!

Have you tried Linda Moist's pies? Clan Stewart's Linda Moist makes one of the best apple pies you'll ever have! For our special Thanksgiving Market, she'll bring apple, cranberry apple, pecan, maple walnut, and homemade mincemeat -- all made from scratch with butter and local fruits. Linda is also bringing homemade cinnamon rolls and other baked treats. We can't wait! Clan Stewart will sell nine-inch pies for $10 each. Linda plans to bring some of each variety, but if you have a hankering for a specific variety, why not pre-order? Email Linda directly by November 17 with your order, and she'll have it ready for you at the Market. Better safe than sorry, we think! As always, Terri will have fresh eggs and lamb, chevon, beef, pork chops and sausages (fresh and smoked chorizo, fresh and smoked andouille, kielbasa, hot italian, and breakfast sausage). Mmmm...sausage stuffing!

Get Your Thanksgiving Turkey at the Market!

We're thrilled to work with Homer Kinsinger to bring the freshest, most delicious turkeys to Cheverly Community Market this year. We'll have a limited quantity, so place your pre-order today! Mr. Kinsinger is an Amish turkey farmer from western Maryland. The turkeys are currently living a happy, healthy life as free-range, pasture- raised birds. Homer takes the turkeys for slaughter on November 23rd, and will deliver them to Cheverly on Tuesday, November 24. From the Homer: "Our farm is located in the mountainous area of western Maryland . Our goal in farming is to provide healthy and nutritious products for consumers. Our turkeys are fed an organic, all-natural soy-free diet of corn, wheat, oats, Canadian field peas and Fertrell minerals. They are also provided with fresh spring water three times a day. They are also on a rotational grazing program, so they have fresh grass daily. They have been grown without medication or growth hormones. Our farm hasn't had any chemicals sprayed on it for over 10 years but we haven't gone through the organic certification process."
7 Heritage Turkeys ($6 per pound)
These turkeys weigh between 14 and 18 lbs.
20 White Broad Breasted Turkeys
($3.30 per pound)
Please Specify:
Small Turkey: 8-10 lbs
Medium Turkey: 15 - 20 lbs.
Large Turkey: 20 - 25 lbs
Delivery charge 2$
The turkeys will be delivered fresh to Cheverly On Tuesday, November 24. We will provide pick-up details closer to the delivery date. Payment will be made by check to the farmer on the date of pick-up. The turkeys will be pre-weighed marked with a price at that time. Because there's a limited supply of turkeys this year, the Market is taking pre-orders. They're available on a first-come basis to those who reply, and we anticipate that they'll sell out quickly!
Photo by R. Gnuce used through flickr's Creative Commons / CC BY 2.0

Monday, November 9, 2009

Our Annual Thanksgiving Market Is Nearly Here!

Our 3rd Thanksgiving Market is just around the corner -- Saturday November 21 , 9:00 am to 1:00pm. Get the best local ingredients for a very special Thanksgiving dinner and shop for your friends and family for the holidays. Thanksgiving Market is a wonderful local tradition in the making, and we're glad to share it with you!
Thanksgiving and Holiday Markets take place at the Cheverly Community Center, rain or shine.
Are you an artisan, crafter or do you have a special product that you'd be interested in selling at our Thanksgiving or Holiday Markets? Download the application here.