Friday, August 31, 2012

Thanksgiving & Holiday Market Vendor Applications Now Available!

Are you an artist or craftsperson, a specialty baker, a gardener? Want to sell your wares at Cheverly Community Market's Thanksgiving and Holiday Markets this November and December? Now's the time to get your application together! These two special Markets -- always the biggest of our season -- are a great way to sell your handmade wares! In past seasons, we've featured handmade jewelry, pottery, drawings, blankets, quilted goods, metal work, glassware, handspun alpaca yarn, baking gifts, wreaths, small-batch cosmetics and skincare, and many other unique, beautiful crafts and gift items in addition to an amazing lineup of our regular vendors. In fact, some of our Thanksgiving and Holiday Markets vendors have become very popular regular season vendors!
Get the application and complete information on our website. Applications are due for both Markets by October 15, and space is limited.

Thanksgiving Market: Saturday, November 17
Holiday Market: Saturday, December 8
Both special Markets take place inside the Cheverly Community Center from 9am to 1pm.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

We broke 8,000!

From our very first "official" Market to last Saturday's slightly damp affair, we've been photographing every Market event, potlucks included. We now have over 8,000 photos on our flickr page (8,111 to be exact)! Take a look, see how all the kids have grown, revisit old friends and see what makes Cheverly Community Market so special. We're looking forward to another 8,000 over the next five years!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sincere Thanks

Well, the rain held off, leaving our Market an indoor/outdoor affair today. Though a little quieter than usual, we had a great, relaxing time, and hope you did, too. A pretty good way to end August and welcome the school year, if you ask us!

Many thanks to our wonderful vendors -- especially for adapting to our weather plan with such grace. To our incredible, dedicated volunteers led by Mayor Mike Callahan, we are always indebted to you. And thanks to our friends and customers who came out on an uncertain morning, bought locally, and supported our farmers, bakers, food purveyors and artisans. A very special thank you to our Town of Cheverly Public Works Department this week for laying down the tarps in the gym and to David Warrington and the Town for making our indoor accommodations available. To all of you: THANK YOU.

We won't have as many photos of this Market, but they'll be published early in the week, along with some killer recipes that highlight Market vendors using ingredients they find at Cheverly Community Market -- there's some good stuff, and we can't wait to share it!

The Market is open!

We're in the Community Center today...come on down and get the best local food and more this morning, 8am to noon!

Friday, August 24, 2012

This week at the Market: Waltz Family Farm

We love to hear from our vendors -- what they're doing, what they're bringing to us -- and we know that they are frequently very, very busy, especially our farmers. So we were really glad to see this message from Laurie Waltz of Waltz Family Farm this afternoon:
So busy, ahhhh. We finally have Beef ! Aged 4 weeks, so it’ll be super tender and tasty! For those that prefer smaller portioned steaks, we’ve got nice rib eye’s and NY strip that are cut at just the right size. Also, have a couple of nice boneless chuck roasts, beef stew, and chip steaks. We’ll bring a full selection of beef and pork, too. Still have a good selection of lamb with more on the way. See ya Sat. Laurie Waltz
The Waltzes always have superb beef and pork (sometimes lamb, too!) We're always happy to have them on board at Cheverly Community Market, and we know you are, too! Make sure to stop by early for the best selection -- the very best goes fast!

Photo courtesy of publicdomainpictures

Thursday, August 23, 2012

At the Market this week: The Big Lineup

We're so looking forward to this Saturday, we can't even put it into words! But you know us -- we'll try. Cheverly Community Market is chock full of all the very best things about summer this weekend: gorgeous local produce, including the last of the summer peaches, to enjoy at every meal (and in between); amazing fresh sausages, meats, seafood, and eggs; glorious artisanal cheeses, jams, and breads; fantastic BBQ, pastries, and real Jamaican patties; lovely, unique work by local craftspeople; wonderful Community Groups that make our town so special; and entertainment from old friends. You really can't ask for more this Saturday. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

VENDORS (subject to change)
Benny's Fruit Stand/Rebert Farm
Cafe Ambrosia
Cakes by Ruthann
Cherry Glen Goat Cheese/Palmyra Farm Cheese
Cheverly Breadbasket
Eve's Cheese

Helen Crosskey
Martha's Jams
Mississippi Earl's Bayou BBQ
Quilts by Gigi
Shlagel Farms
Simply Sausage
Two Oceans Seafood
Waltz Family Farm

Cheverly Green Infrastructure Compost Bins
CPRC Membership Registration
Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek
St. Ambrose Men's Club Blood Drive Registration

Charles & Kelly
CPRC Storytime at 10:00am on the Community Center Steps

Join us at the Community Center Parking Lot this Saturday, 8:00am to noon. We'll save you a spot at the tables!

Music at the Market: Charles & Kelly

It's been a while since local heros and official Market band Charles & Kelly have been with us, and we're so glad they're playing again this Saturday! They've been busy. We know how it is. We understand. We're cool. Don't ever leave us again! We're so glad you've come home!

Phew. Make sure to say hi -- well, maybe just wave and donate to their tip jars -- when you see them. Welcome Charles & Kelly back and let them know that they've been missed. They'll be serving up some lovely originals and all sorts of favorites from The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, The Clash, Elvis Costello and more. Ask nicely, and you may even get some Rush or Outkast. You never know. They have a lot of tricks up their collective sleeves.

This week at the Market: Mississippi Earl's Bayou BBQ

We've been holding out on you. Earlier today, we hinted that we had some big news that we would share this afternoon. Well. The wait is over. The St. Ambrose Men's Club will be serving up their very own Mississippi Earl's Bayou BBQ at Cheverly Community Market this Saturday!  Pork, slow cooked over aromatic smoke provides a tender base for Bayou BBQ. A tomato sauce with a secret blend of seasonings brings it up to BBQ standards. A variety of homemade sauces wows the taste buds. Bayou BBQ will be available from 10am to noon and to go orders are welcome. 

We're excited to taste that BBQ on Saturday. Make sure to get yours...this is going to be a big hit!

Photo by Juli Shannon via flickr

This week at the Market: Cakes by Ruthann

Cakes by Ruthann is back with us this Saturday, and we couldn't be more delighted! Make sure to stop by Ruthann's tent for authentic Jamaican spicy patties (beef, chicken and veggie) and mini black rum cakes that are absolutely out-of-this-world delicious! If we're lucky, we may even get some of that spicy, refreshing ginger beer that Ruthann makes!

This week at the Market: Gigi's Quilts

Visit Gigi's Quilts at Cheverly Community Market for great placemats (have you seen her great chalkboard placemats for kids?) as well as crochet granny bags, knit booties and tablerunners. This week, Gigi will have Redskins table runners, perfect for your preseason game celebration tables. If your allegiances run toward Baltimore (and we know you're out there!) she may have some of those, too. I seem to recall some Eagles gear, but refuse to attest to that.

Gigi makes great, functional art -- perfect for gifts as the holidays approach or to add something special to your home. See for yourself this Saturday!

Community Groups at the Market this week: Get your compost bins!

The Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek, the Cheverly Garden ClubProgressive Cheverly, and the Town are working together to make SoilSaver compost bins available to Cheverly residents for just $20 (regular price up to $99.98 at Amazon and other locations). The low price has been made possible by grants from the Town of Cheverly, the Cheverly Garden Club, and Progressive Cheverly. If you know of any additional organizations that would consider making a grant/donation to support Town composting efforts, please e-mail Doug Alexander.

This is a comprehensive plan to encourage all residents to compost. The Composting Program has already reduced Town tipping fees and improved overall waste management. You’ll also produce great compost to amend your garden, bushes and lawn. The goal is to place 400 bins over three years that will save the Town over $56,000 in tipping fees over the next ten years. DON’T PUT FOOD DOWN THE DISPOSAL: Putting food scraps down your garbage disposal is the worst way to get rid of them. It takes more energy and cost more to clean wastewater when food scraps are in it. The water must first be filtered before the water is cleaned and all that food waste still ends up in the landfill. Compost vegetable food scraps, coffee grounds, eggshells, etc. and trash the meat, dairy, oils, and greasy materials.

Download the Composting Guide.

Purchase a bin at the Cheverly Community Market this Saturday. If that doesn't work for your schedule, email Doug and he'll arrange for you to pick one up later next week.  This is a great opportunity to purchase compost bins at very low cost! And what a great way to get the most from your purchases. We hope you'll take advantage of this project!

This week at the Market: Cherry Glen Goat Cheese/Palmyra Farm Cheese

We love Cherry Glen Goat Cheese and Palmyra Farm Cheese, and so do many of you. In fact, Cherry Glen is even featured on the menus of some of our favorite local restaurants. The rich, tangy flavors are incomparable. Have you tried these cheeses and spreads in omelets? Delicious. Recently, we made a delicious pasta with tomatoes, shrimp, onions, and Chesapeake Spread. We've been thinking about it ever since.

This Saturday, buy $18 or more in Cherry Glen cheese, and get a free Crottin. That's a deal you don't want to miss!

This week at the Market: Martha's Jams

Martha's Jams is a great resource for your breakfast table and brownbag repertoire, as well as a wonderful flavor enhancer for the grill. Try the hot peach jelly on shrimp on the grill -- it's something you don't want to miss! This week, Martha is bringing all your favorites, and peach jams in all sorts of varieties. Stock up now on the flavor of summer!

Remember, many of Martha's Jams now come in regular and small sizes, great for trips or for sampling something new.

This week at the Market: Helen Crosskey

Make sure to visit Helen Crosskey at Cheverly Community Market! She makes really lovely jewelry -- beautiful bead combinations and stones. She also makes wonderful clothing for children -- from perfectly proper dresses to fleece jackets perfect for those chilly school mornings.

If you haven't already (and you know who you are), this is a great time to start picking up those holiday gifts. Do some local shopping this Saturday!

This Week at the Market: Cheverly Breadbasket

We've been posting some great recipes, techniques, and ideas over on Pinterest, many of them turn out to be amazing sandwiches. And what's the cornerstone of the very best sandwiches? Remarkable bread. Get yours this Saturday at Cheverly Breadbasket. From crusty baguettes to flavorful seeded loaves, you'll find the perfect base for your creations at Cheverly Community Market. While you're there, pick up some great Moctec tortillas & chips, and the most gorgeous pastries and cookies ever. With so much to tempt you, you can't go wrong!

Community Groups at the Market: St. Ambrose Men's Club Blood Drive

Members of the St. Ambrose Men's Club will be at the Market this Saturday to sign people up for their blood drive on Septemer 8th.  The drive will be from 9:00-1:30 in Fannon Hall at St. Ambrose Catholic Church. Not only will you feel good, but you'll get a movie pass to Regal Cinemas for donating! If you aren't able to sign up on Saturday, you can call 301-931-6130 or visit Medstar Health Blood Donor Services. Click on the "donate blood" tab and search sponsor code 50333 to locate the St. Ambrose schedule and pick the time most convenient for you.
Blood donation logo courtesy of University of Notre Dame 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This week at the Market: Benny's Fruit Stand/Rebert Farm

The Reberts will have an amazing end-of-summer bounty for us at Cheverly Community Market this Saturday. From peaches, plums, cantaloupes and pears to an amazing array of apples, including Honeycrisps, Ginger Golds, Golden Supremes, and Galas, to tomatoes, plums, potatoes, onions, and eggplant, you'll find something for every meal at Benny's Fruit Stand/Rebert Farm. Stock up on fresh cantaloupe for the breakfast table, apples, peaches, and plums for those back-to-school lunchboxes, and beautiful, nutritious vegetables perfect for delicious weeknight suppers sure to please every member of your household.

Make sure to stop by the Reberts' stand early for the very best selection!

This Week at the Market: Simply Sausage

Did you miss Simply Sausage at our last Market? So did we! We're so glad they're back this Saturday with your favorites, plus two new sausages: Chicken Sausage with Thai Flavors and Chicken Sausage with New Mexican Flavors...yum! 

As always, Simply Sausage has us thinking about creative recipes...soft tacos with Chicken Sausages with New Mexican Flavors and some grilled sweet corn, peppers and onions, anyone? How about a beautiful salad of delicate boston lettuce topped with diced mango, cilantro, lime, unsweetened coconut, peanuts and Chicken Sausage with Thai Flavors? There are so many ways to use these wonderful products...we know you'll come up with great recipes and we'd love to  know about them!

As summer winds down, put some fresh sausages on the grill, pour a glass of wine, make a salad, and enjoy a relaxed supper with friends. You'll keep the good feelings going just a little longer!

CPRC Storytime at the Market this Saturday!

It's been a while since we've had Storytime at Cheverly Community Market. This Saturday, we're very excited to welcome parents from CPRC, who will be sharing a very sweet story about learning to share: The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear by Don & Audrey Wood. Fun activities about the book here

CPRC Storytime begins at 10:00am on the front steps of the Community Center. Bring the kids by for a story and coloring sheet!

Also, make sure to stop by the CPRC tent and renew your membership for 2012-2013! The Cheverly Parents Resource Center has been a great part of family life in town for (literally) generations now -- show them that you support the excellent work they do for kids in Cheverly!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This Week at the Market: Shlagel Farms

Boy, oh boy, looking at the list of produce that Eileen Shlagel will have for us at the Market this Saturday is making us want to do some very creative cooking! From end-of-summer salads to omelets filled with fresh vegetables to grilled pizzas to delectable spreads and soups, there's no end to what you can do with the amazing things you'll find at Cheverly Community Market. Need some ideas? Visit our Pinterest page for a ton of great recipes. This week, Shalgel Farms brings corn, scallions, leeks, kale and collard greens, beets, onions, green, red and specialty peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, squash and zucchini, green beans, brown eggs, cabbage, watermelons, canteloupes and the last of the peaches of the season

UPDATE: News from Eileen Shlagel! Shlagel Farms now accepts D.C. WIC Coupons. Thanks for letting us know, Eileen!

Community Groups at the Market: Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek

Butterflies! Have you been seeing a lot of butterflies around? Come to the Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek table and learn about butterflies with us! Which butterflies do we see in Cheverly and which plants do they prefer? We will have reference books and photos of our Cheverly butterflies.

For the kids, there will be butterfly coloring pages.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A rainy night is a good time to share photos!

We had a particularly good time at the Market last Saturday...even if it was a little hot and humid! So much beautiful food, and lovely people to share it with. Visit our flickr page to see all the great things we saw and check out some of the nearly 8,000 other photos covering our history!

We're back from vacation and ready to go!

After a much-needed week at the beach, we're back and ready to get rolling again (we know, we've been looking for photos from the last Market -- they're coming soon!) We had a great trip -- lots of fresh-off-the-boat shrimp, hush puppies in a variety of preparations, and amazing sweet corn and peaches in the low country of coastal South Carolina. It was a great experience and we're thinking of ways to adapt some of the dishes and techniques to Maryland. Stay tuned for that adventure.

We started a new Cheverly Community Market project while on vacation -- our very own Pinterest page, full of recipes, tips, techniques and food for thought. You'll find great ways to use local products year-round here, so we hope you'll stop by and take advantage of this great resource.

Our August 25 Market wraps up National Peach Month, and welcomes the return of Cheverly Community Market's official house band, Charles & Kelly of The Hot Noodles. As you return to school and summer fades, join us at the Market for a morning of local food, local music, local arts, and local fun. It's the perfect way to wrap up summer and gear up for an exciting fall! Please make sure to help us publicize the Market by getting your yard sign out today, and inviting your friends and neighbors to join you!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Field Trip: Beaufort, SC

Today we're enjoying truly local seafood -- shrimp right off the boat and into the fryer at local legend The Shrimp Shack (they also have amazing hush puppies and coleslaw) and some fresh shrimp for later. The boats are about 300' from the tiny Gay Seafood Company. Can't wait to cook these up!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone for a truly lovely morning at Cheverly Community Market. To our spectacular vendors, great community groups, amazing volunteers, talented musicians, and wonderful customers -- thank you all. We are so grateful for your continued support.

Gorgeous morning!

Clearing skies...even a double rainbow over the Community Center! We will be in our regular Market spot in the parking lot and all KidMarket activities will take place as scheduled!

See you between 8am and noon at Cheverly Community Market!

Friday, August 10, 2012

We need a few good volunteers!

We need a few volunteers tomorrow morning! Can you arrive early to help the vendors unload or help set up tables and chairs? Or could you help us break everything down and put it all away at the end of the Market? If you can do either, please let us know! We need help with set up at 7:00am and breakdown at 11:50am. You will earn our undying gratitude!

Rain or Shine...We'll be there!

Help us celebrate National Farmer's Market Week! There are so many good things in store for Saturday's Cheverly Community Market, and we want you to know that we'll be ready -- come rain or shine -- to bring you the very best fresh food available, plus wonderful artisans, music and more! Please come to the Community Center tomorrow morning between 8:00am and noon to enjoy all we have to offer. If the weather is particularly stormy, we'll be in the gym, but otherwise, we'll see you in our favorite spot -- the parking lot next to the Community Center.

Please be advised that, if inclement weather forces our vendors and community groups to move inside, KidMarket activities will be postponed to our August 25 Market. Registrants for the Make-a-Monster-Face Cupcake session will be notified via email early Saturday morning if the event is postponed.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

This Week at Cheverly Community Market

This Saturday, join Cheverly Community Market as we celebrate the end of National Farmer's Market Week. Let's show our gratitude to the amazing vendors, community groups and musicians who make our Market such a jewel. Did you know that we're currently one of the top 10 small markets in the America's Favorite Farmer's Market Contest? Show us some love: cast your vote today and help us climb to the top!

We've got a great lineup for you this weekend -- your favorite vendors and some treats, terrific community groups and KidMarket activities, and another great performance by the Roosevelt Dixieland Combo. We'll be at the Cheverly Community Center, rain or shine, and we're excited to share another great Saturday morning with you.

Vendors (subject to change)
Benny's Fruit Stand/Rebert Farm
C&E Farm
Cafe Ambrosia
Cakes by Ruthann
Cherry Glen Goat Cheese/Palmyra Farm Cheese
Cheverly Breadbasket
Classic & Carefree Bake Shoppe
Cygnus Wine Cellars
Gigi's Quilts
Martha's Jams
Shlagel Farms
Simple Pleasures Ice Cream
Two Oceans Seafood
Waltz Family Farm

Community Groups
CPRC -- annual registration and Spellman School Supplies Drive
Cheverly Garden Club, Progressive Cheverly & Town of Cheverly Compost Bins
Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek
Prince George's County Master Gardeners

Music & Entertainment
KidMarket (10:00 Make-a-Moster-Face Cupcakes / 10:30 Dance Party)
Roosevelt Dixieland Combo

See YOU Saturday at Cheverly Community Market!