Wednesday, June 30, 2010


What makes a great city?  Farmers Markets!   TRAVEL + LEISURE has just come out with its Annual America's Best Cities List. While great weather, parks, and family atmosphere were predictable factors,  the presence of fantastic farmer's markets helped separate the "Best" from the "Worst."

So make the Cheverly Community Market your Weekend Getaway Destination on July 10.

This is one Road Trip that
1. Includes your friends and neighbors
2. Is fun for the whole family
3. Won't have a carbon footprint, and
4. Won't involve backseat cries of  "Are We There Yet?"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CPRC Forecast for this Market: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!

When the band goes on their 10 a.m. break, the fun for kids begins! Join us at 10:00 a.m. at every Cheverly Community Market for story time and a craft or snack featuring goods from one of the vendors.
Children can get a special sticker cards. Each time they come to story time at the CPRC Kids' Corner they will earn a sticker. It only takes five stickers to win a great prize from a vendor.


*Read by Ann Barsi
* Snack Of Sausage bites from Simply Sausage
*50 cents off coupon to use at Simply Sausage

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to read a story one week, please contact Anna Smith.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Local Baby Food and a Local Blog to Bookmark

Many of us in Cheverly know Aimee O. through her work with Progressive Cheverly. The Weekday Nursery crowd knows her as "Lucas's Mom."  Her other son, Nathaniel, who is five months old, knows her as the center of his world.

We all know Aimee to be smart and savvy, so it came as no surprise to me to find out that she is also the author of two very pertinent, thoughtful, and informative blogs Smiling Mama  and Out by Ten.

Her latest posts are connected to the Cheverly Community Market.  In Out by Ten, Aimee does us a great service by promoting  CPRC's Kid's Corner.  Smiling Mama tells a more personal but just as informative story about transforming squash from last Saturday's market into baby food for Nathaniel. (His first veggies!)

Kudos to Aimee for the great work and we hope you visit her blogs often.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jammin' and Story Tellin' by CPRC - 10 am at the Market this Saturday

Breaking News!  Cheverly Community Market is an even more kid-friendly market. This season, Cheverly Parent Resource Center (CPRC) will be sponsoring a storytelling/craft event at each market that features one or two of our two vendors.

So get your little one's down to the market for CPRC storytelling at 10 am. Martha's Jams will be featured with the reading “The Giant Jam Sandwich,” by John Vernon Loyd. All children attending will receive a coupon good for 50 cents off a jar of Martha’s Jams.  All kids who sign up for the Kids’ Corner at the Market will get a sticker each time they come, and after getting 5 stickers, they get a small prize from a vendor.

Thanks to Ann Barsi, Anna Smith, and CPRC for their commitment, creativity, and contributions toward making Cheverly a great place for kids and their families!


It's time to dust off your bike, skateboard, roller blades and join all of Cheverly for a celebration of summer on Cheverly Avenue in front of Legion Park this Saturday from 8 to noon. As of today we know what some of our vendors are bringing...early summer is full of tender treats, beautiful flowering plants and the possibilities of crops to come. And remember, breakfast is served if you visit  Cheverly Breadbasket and CHVBrew! Our guest winery this week is Running Hare Vineyard from Prince Frederick in Calvert County!

Taste of Tuscany comes to Cheverly Market- Make Running Hare part of your local menu!

If you ever go to any of Maryland's wine festivals, you will see long lines forming to taste some of Barb and Mike Scarborough's Running Hare Vineyard
's Napa and Tuscan-style wines. Their beautiful 300-acre Southern Maryland farm features gently curving hills planted with grapes and a lovely new building appropriate for seated dinners of up to 260 guests. You would think you were visiting the hills around Florence, not Prince Frederick, all within an hour's drive of Cheverly.

Their Pinot Grigio is their best-selling wine, a balanced citrus complement to any fish or chicken dish. Jack Rabbit Red and White wines are popular fruit-filled choices and the peppery notes of their wonderful Malbec are a good match for beef and pasta. Looking for an after-dinner wine akin to tawny port--ask for the Chambourcin, made from grapes that thrive on their farm.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Container Gardening: Vegetables and Fruits in Small Spaces

Hello Cheverly Community Market Friends

It's been a while since I wrote an article for  I hope you will read it and pass it along!

Thank you for your support!

Audra Russell