Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Missing Your Market Friends Yet?

I know we are! Here's a little something to make a dark winter's eve a little brighter...
Hope to see many of our Cheverly Community Market friends there!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thank you!

A million thanks to everyone -- the vendors, the many volunteers, and our many friends and neighbors who came to our first Holiday Market to support local business! We had a wonderful time and hope that you did, too. The Market takes a break now until the Spring, when fresh, beautiful produce is once again plentiful. In the meantime, check out our photos on flickr, visit our blog for an occasional post, and visit our recipe page for great food to make at home. And if you're looking for more information about food and where it comes from, look at our reading list...lots of good books to curl up with this winter. See you in the Spring. And remember...
Buy local. Eat local. Give local.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Message about Christmas Tree sales

Don Tyler, our fantastic Christmas Tree manager, passed on this information last night:
THANK YOU ALL!! We have had 47 people express interest up to this point! We had to place our order before all of the interest came in so we have ordered only 50 trees. We have 30 Firs and 20 Pines coming. That being said, I will work to hold trees for those who have expressed interest until noon, but after that we will need to just sell out. I suggest that early will be better than late for pickup. The market opens for sales at 10:00am. I will be setting up the trees outside of the community center. Look for the sign! Payment is preferable by check -- please make checks payable to the Cheverly Community Market.
I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.
Happy Holidays!!
Thanks to everyone for responding -- that's fantastic. The scent of 50 Christmas trees is going to be amazing! If you ordered a tree, just make sure to get to Market early!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vendor Update: Al Pong

There was a great article on one of our wonderful vendors, Al Pong, in the Howard County Times recently. Al grows all sorts of wonderful, unusual (or at least unusual to this area) plants at his Fulton, Maryland, orchard. Al will have pears and Chinese tree peonies at Holiday Market -- they'd make lovely, thoughtful and memorable gifts!

More Vendor Updates!

Our Holiday Market vendor list just keeps growing...
Stanton's Mill will be coming!
Jason Twigg will make the four-hour trek from Grantsville. He'll have all the various stone ground flours -- buckwheat, spelt, cornmeal, graham (whole wheat), rye and grits, as well as the buckwheat pancake mix and hush puppy mixes. They will keep for months in the freezer so stock up on enough to last until next spring. A basket of these flours (and a bottle of maple syrup, read below!) would make a great gift for someone who likes to bake or wants to learn. They'll keep for months in the freezer, so stock up on enough to last until next spring. Jason is also planning on bringing down some great apple butter from his neighbor, Sam Beachy & Sons Small Engine Repair and Cider Mill. This is the only cider mill in Somerset County and produces 50,000 gallons of cider and 10,000 gallons of Apple Butter each year in the traditional methods with modern food processing requirements Last but not least, Cheverly Community Market will sell limited quantities of Maryland Maple Syrup from S & S Maple Camp in Cumberland MD. Imagine waking up on a cold winter's morning and making a batch of Buckwheat Pancakes topped with Maple Syrup -- both from Maryland! We have over 25 vendors for Holiday Market -- you'll be able to find something for (nearly) everyone on your gift list, and lots of great treats for yourself to boot!

New Vendor Profile: Cookie Karma

Laurie Green's family has lived in Cheverly for 25 years and she's been baking cookies even longer than that. In fact, according to Laurie, cannot not bake cookies. When her friend, Lynn Mantello, told her she had cookie karma, her business was born. Laurie's is chocolate chip, but she also bakes very tasty oatmeal craisin, (including a gluten-free version), sugar and Mexican wedding cookies. Please visit her at Holiday Market this Saturday -- enjoy free samples, purchase cookies or place an order for the holidays. You can also contact Laurie here.

Yunmy things to tide you over a you shop this Saturday

There won't be any need to leave Holiday Market this Saturday for lunch -- we'll have delicious chili and baked potatoes, plus all sorts of tasty additions so you can enjoy your Holiday Market lunch just the way you like it! We'll also have cranberry spritzers -- a perfect compliment to this lunch (and a great thirst quencher if you're joining the carolers!)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Get Your Christmas Tree at Holiday Market!

Cheverly Community Market will be selling freshly cut Christmas Trees from a tree farmer in Buckeystown, Maryland, this Saturday at Holiday Market!
Unlike most trees in the commercial lots, they will be freshly cut in the coming week. We hope you'll choose to make your Christmas tree even more "Green" by buying fresh and local! As added incentive, your purchase will help support the Cheverly Community Market. We will receive about $10 from each tree sold, which will help the Market in the coming season.
Scotch Pines: 6-8 feet will priced between $25 and $40
Spruce and Firs: 6-8 foot will be priced between $45 and $55.
If you are interested in buying a tree through Cheverly Community Market, please e-mail Don Tyler at (Don.Tyler@fightingmonkey.com). Don has graciously and generously agreed to manage the Christmas Tree Sales this year. Since we cannot return any unsold trees, it would be VERY helpful for us to know in advance how many people are interested in buying trees. PLEASE e-mail him so we can get a sense of how many trees to buy in advance. You do not need to pay in advance; this is just to help us place our order.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Look Who's Coming to Holiday Market!

We have over 20 confirmed vendors for Saturday's Holiday Market, and the list just keeps growing! Look who we have so far:
Baked Goods: Cookie Karma, Firehook Bakery (Cheverly BreadBasket), Moctec, Tripple Springs Farm
Cheese: Cherry Glen Goat Cheese, Eves Cheese
Christmas Trees: Tanner's Enchanted Forest (proceeds benefit Cheverly Community Market)
Chocolate & Ice Cream: Krishon Chocolates, Simple Pleasures Ice Cream Cafe
Coffee & Tea: Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Teas, Cheverly United Methodist Church Fair Trade Coffees
Condiments: Martha's Jams, Tripple Springs Farm
Gifts: Auto Graphics Silk Screening & Embroidery, Cheverly United Methodist Church, Mystic Water Soaps, New Starts Farm, Profusions of Glass, Rose Fennel Pottery, Snug Comforts
Meats & Seafood: Clan Stewart, Circle C Oysters
Musicians: Linda Priebe
Plants & Produce: Al Pong, New Starts Farm, Willow Oak Herbs
Wine: Basignani Winery
We'll also have live music from the Market's house band, The Hot Noodles, Christmas carolers, a special visit from Mrs. Claus, and hot soup, sandwiches, drinks and other tasty treats to fortify you for an exciting day at Holiday Market.
Buy Local. Eat Local. Give Local.

Vendor Update: Tripple Springs Farm

Tripple Springs Farm's Mary Honablew will have award-winning canned goods made from lovely fresh fruits and vegetables, including jellies, jams, pickles, preserves, butters, relishes and cakes at Holiday Market, as well as award-winning baked goods such a Kentucky Bourbon Cakes, Traditional Fruit Cakes and several variety of cookies. Tripple Springs is an eight-acre family farm located in Baden, Maryland that produces vegetables, fruits, cut flowers and herbs. Additionally, they make homemade, from-scratch baked and canned goods. Tripple Springs has won over 20 Grand Champion ribbons in canning and baking. They strongly believe in sustainably grown foods, and because they eat this way, they encourage others to do the same. Mary C. Honablew, a family farm manager at Tripple Springs, has been producing fresh, organically grown fruits and vegetables since 1990. While living and working on the farm, she's also been been canning, and her efforts have been rewarded with at least one "Best of Show" from each of the five Southern Maryland County Fairs since 1990 for canning and baking. Tripple Springs Farm also operates a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, on the farm. Stop by on Saturday and talk to Mary if you're interested in learning more about this program.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Vendor Update: Basignani Winery

Fantastic News! Despite having a full weekend of Christmas activities at their winery, Basignani Winery will join us for Holiday Market. They make 10 wines and have benefited greatly from having the famous wine critic Robert Parker as their next-door neighbor and friend. Basignani Winery is in the heart of Maryland horse country north of Baltimore, and their label is sold mostly there -- it is harder to find in the D.C. area, but well worth the effort! We are thrilled to bring them to you at Holiday Market this year!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Vendor Update: Mezzo-Soprano Linda Priebe

Cheverly's Linda Priebe transports her listeners with her gleaming copper voice. Her soaring sound, from its rich depths to its brilliant heights, is matched by her gifts as a passionate and moving performer.
Her new CD, "Land of the Midnight Son: Norwegian Christmas in America", is getting rave reviews and can be heard on the radio in the United States. The mezzo has a rare gift for touching and moving hearts. Her rich and brilliant voice brings joy to listeners throughout the U.S. and in Europe.
Meet Linda and buy her excellent CD at Holiday Market. You can also visit her website to learn more about her art and impressive career.

Vendor Update: Andrews & Dunham

You know Charles Andrews as a member of Cheverly Community Market's own house band, The Hot Noodles. You know Erik Dunham as a friendly face at the Market (his wife, Kelly, is also a Hot Noodle.) Charles and Erik have been working to launch their dream tea company for a long time, and they are pleased to join us for Holiday Market:
"We started this Damn Fine Tea company because we're obsessed with tea. Honestly, we're pretty enthusiastic about all sorts of things but tea is one of the few that we both agree on. It tastes great, it makes you feel good, it's good for you. Hey, it's even legal. We drink a lot of tea, and we're always on the lookout for the good stuff. For Holiday Market we're offering a great morning black tea from Sri Lanka , a smooth afternoon elixir from Nepal , and a very fine green tea from China to round out your evening. Morning, noon, and night, we’ve got you covered."
Visit Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea online, and make sure to visit Erik in person at Holiday Market! Tea makes a great, thoughtful gift, as well as a wonderful, soothing treat during these cold months.

What are you thankful for this holiday season?

We're asking people involved in Cheverly Community Market -- vendors, volunteers and friends -- what they're thankful for this holiday. In a time of uncertainty and stress, it's good to remember those everyday things that make you grateful, and we'll post these messages throughout the next few weeks.

"I'm thankful for my lovely and talented wife, Kelly Fisher."

Erik Dunham, co-owner of Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea

"I'm always thankful for Kathryn and our nutty kids, and I'm thankful (and amazed) to have found such a great town where I haven't just gotten to know our neighbors but have joined with them in so many pursuits. From Erik and our tea business, to Dan on the CHVBlog, to Kelly & Nate in the Hot Noodles, to the many Brians of Soul Revolver, and to whatever comes next."

Charles Andrews, co-owner of Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea and member of The Hot Noodles

"I'm so thankful for my wonderful family and friends, and for our fantastic community. Cheverly really is a unique place -- some people think that towns like this don't really exist, but here we are."

Kathryn Andrews, webmaster for Cheverly Community Market

What about you? What are you thankful for this year? We'd love to hear from you!

Vendor update: Snug Comforts' vintage-inspired wares

New vendor and Cheverlyian Joy Pritchett of Snug Comforts joins us for our first Holiday Market:
Joy Pritchett of Cheverly and Sheldon Schwitek of Kalamazoo bring you designs that are unique, flirty and modern-country. Sheldon, working in his Kalamazoo studio, brings a design background to the creation of every purse and product. Both Joy and Sheldon have a personal passion for textiles and both scour the land -- far and wide -- searching for vintage and vintage-inspired fabrics. If it's vintage we can turn it into beautiful!
Visit Snug Comforts online to see all the neat things they do! And make sure to stop by Snug Comforts' table next Saturday to do some holiday shopping!

Vendor Update: New Starts Farm

Tom Baldwin of New Starts Farm sent this update on some of the things he plans to bring to Holiday Market next Saturday:
I will bring Talavera Pottery (fair trade ) from a family-run business in a small Mexican town. This will include Christmas tree ornaments. I build my bird houses from things I find in the woods and from old farm wood and rusty tin. Most of the ones I have now I have made from cedar (bought) and finished with cedar shakes from an old house . I also use old belt buckles, nails, copper (not much around anymore) , rusty hardware, barbed wire -- whatever I can find. My niece (13 years old), Megan Ginder, is my artist in residence for the fancier ones. She is a Cheverly resident and student at St. Ambrose School. I am trying to arrange for some Poinsettias ... I will let you know soon if this works out.
Sounds great! Tom is one of the great vendors who will offer fantastic food, plants and gifts at Holiday Market. Be sure to visit him in the Community Center next Saturday, December 13!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

First Vendor Announcements for Holiday Market!

Wow! Here's our first vendor list for Holiday Market -- and there are more to come! We have A LOT of new local vendors for this very special event: Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Teas: High-quality teas from Charles Andrews and Erik Dunham, Cheverly's most obsessed tea fanatics. Auto Graphics Silk Screening and Embroidery : Cheverly residents Emanuel and Ali Colon got an idea over 20 years ago and ran with it. They realized that people like monogrammed or personalized apparel, so they purchased an embroidery machine and learned how to use it. The rest, as they say, is history. Cookie Karma: Laurie Green brings yummy, yummy cookies for you to enjoy or give as gifts Mary Honablew of Tripplesprings Farm in Baden, Maryland Mezzo Soprano Linda Priebe: Cheverly resident Linda Priebe will be selling her CD of Holiday Music. Linda has performed at Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Center. Joy Pritchett Handbags: Cheverly's Joy Pritchett makes lovely handbags out of vintage fabrics Many of our favorite regulars are on board, too: Al Pong - Chinese Tree Peonies and Asian Pears Cheverly United Methodist Church Clan Stewart Circle C Oysters Eves Cheese Firehook Bakery Krishon Chocolate Martha’s Jams Moctec Mystic Water Soap Profusions of Glass Rose Fennel Pottery Simple Pleasures Ice Cream Willow Oak Herbs Eric Johnson of Krishon says he's bringing truffles (NEW Black Cherry/Walnut, Cranberry/Cumin, as well as our favorite standbys). Karamels, Bark and Goddess Bars will all be on tap. AND fresh, Hot Cha-cha Chocolate! If you haven't had this hot chocolate, you have not actually experienced hot chocolate. It is that good!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Market is coming soon!

Holiday Market is Nearly Here!

Buy local this holiday season! Join us for our first-ever Holiday Market on Saturday, December 13, 10:00am-4:00pm. The Market will be held INDOORS at the Cheverly Community Center. Many of our regular vendors will be on hand, as well as some terrific new ones! Check our website and our blog as you prepare your menu and shopping lists. We'll post vendor updates --complete with descriptions of the items they plan to have on hand -- so you can plan ahead. The vendors are bringing some really fantastic treasures, just in time for the holidays! *We'll have hot soup, sandwiches, drinks and other tasty treats that you can snack on as you do your shopping and support the artists and vendors and keep your money local. *The Hot Noodles -- Cheverly Community Market's house band -- will keep spirits bright throughout the day. The whole band will be there! *Mrs. Claus will make her rounds around lunchtime to see who's been naughty or nice. (We know you've been nice!) Save some room for cookies and hot cocoa! *We hope you'll support the market by buying your fresh cut, local Christmas tree from Prince George's County's Tanner's Enchanted Forest. We appreciate your support for the Market when you choose to buy a local tree through us! * Lots of great things -- perfect for holiday gifts -- including baked goods, local meats, Christmas ornaments, soaps, facial items, dried wreaths, tea, jams, candies, chocolate and knitted items. Bring your holiday gift list and fill it at the Holiday Market!
See you Saturday, December 13 at Holiday Market!