Friday, September 30, 2011

Message from the Market Manager: Fall at Cheverly Community Market

Market Manager Barbara Liston shares her thoughts on autumn at Cheverly Community Market:

Autumn and Farm Markets seem to go hand in hand. Our Cheverly Community Market vendors in October will be presenting their freshest crops of the season. October is a good time to begin making those slow cooker meals that make the house smell so delicious and tummies so satisfied – with lots of leftovers. 

Waltz Family Farm can supply your favorite stew meat; Shlagel Farms will have a plentiful selection of vegetables, while Cheverly Bread Basket continues to delight with their crispy varieties of bread. Don’t forget the fruit from Benny’s Market and Pong’s Orchard for those fragrant pies.

October we will be running the postponed Zucchini Regatta. For 50 cents, kids can buy a zucchini, carve it into a boat, design a sail and race in heats of two to win a pirate finger puppet.  Should be fun with prizes for all participants.

Our October vintners will be Boordy Vineyards on October 8 and Running Hare Vineyard on October 22nd. Did you know that Boordy Vineyards, now in its 65th year, hosts Wine Festivals each Sunday in October? Running Hare Vineyard, in Prince Frederick also hosts wine tastings Wednesday-Sunday, Noon to 6:00 pm. They suggest you bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the vineyard while sipping your favorite wine for a $5.00 Tasting Fee.

Looking for a taste of Jamaica? Cakes by Ruthann have brought the taste of the islands to the market. You must arrive early to a chance to buy a rum cake! It’s not too early to think about holiday giftgiving, so we are pleased to welcome a new vendor, Studio 617.  They use recycled metal to fashion whimsical yard art and address signs, among other products. 

We have far too many vendors to mention, check out our Blog Page for updates. Come on out to the Market, catch up with your neighbors and friends and enjoy the special feeling that is Cheverly.

Local Crafter or Artist? We are looking for additional vendors with gift items to sell at our Thanksgiving Market on November 19. Watch our website for an application. Send your completed application AND a photo of your work to Barbara Liston, Market Manager, 2602 Valley Way, Cheverly, MD 20785. Space is limited, so please apply early.

Shlagel Farm Fall Harvest Festivities Through October

When we wake up this Saturday morning, it will really feel like Fall for the first time this year. Cool, crisp air is on board for the weekend, and our thoughts turn to pumpkin patches, mazes, hay rides, warm apple cider and sweaters!

This Saturday, join the Shlagel family at their farm for the start of their Fall Harvest Festivities! Details are in the letter below -- the farm is in Waldorf.  Sounds like a great time to take a trip to the farm!

Calling all Hay Riders and Pumpkin Pickers,

This Saturday; October 1st  the farm opens up for our annual Fall harvest activities. We will be open every Saturday and Sunday from 10a-5p in October. This year we will have a petting zoo, a straw maze for little people, a box full of corn for little people to play in and a hay ride with Farmer Russ to the pumpkin patch where you can choose your own pumpkin. We will also have seasonal produce and a huge variety of beautiful Mums to choose from. The price is the $8.00 per person. 0-23 months is no charge.
As always we want to take this opportunity to remind you that we are a working farm, with moving equipment and vehicles and irrigation ponds. It provides a good opportunity to teach your kids about safety and staying close to your side at all times.
Feel free to make use of our picnic tables and make sure to bring your cameras as we have some great photo ops this year!  Please leave your pets at home.
If you would like to make a scarecrow, we will provide the straw. Bring old clothes, a pillow case for the head, and some big safety pins and we'll show you how to make it.
We will offer for sale our large line of speciality ciders and jams and jellies as well. They are delicious and make a great present. Come and spend some fun harvest time with us at Shlagel Farms this October. If you are a teacher and would like one of our school educational field trip flyers e-mailed to you please let us know. If you are a parent who would like to see your child come here for their field trip we would be happy to fax or e-mail the information to their teacher.

We have had a very challenging growing season this summer between multiple 100 degree days followed by a historic rainy season. This presents a unique learning experience for visitors to the farm. You will see first hand the challenges that we have dealt with. If you've never been here before during pumpkin time Farmer Russ or Farmer Karl will take you on an informative hay ride that will tell you the history of the farm, our agronomic practices and our philosophy on how to be a Bay friendly farm. We want you to know where your food comes from and how we go about providing a safe and nutritious dinner for your family. Come one, come all and have a little harvest fun with us. Hope to see you soon!

The Shlagels
12850 Shlagel Rd
Waldorf, Md. 20601
Fan us on Facebook "Shlagel Farms"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Message from the Market Board: Looking for a Market Manager for 2012 (and beyond!)

Have you been enjoying the convenience of our bi-weekly Community Market? Do you enjoy talking to the vendors, vintners, and fellow customers? Consider adding to the continued success of the Market, by becoming a part of it!

We are looking for a Market Manager for the 2012 season. No retail experience is necessary, but computer and organizational skills are helpful, along with a pleasant demeanor. The salary is minimal, but the feeling of giving back to the community is priceless.

Please contact the Board of Directors for additional information.

Monday, September 26, 2011

We've hit 5,000!

Well, 5,268, to be exact!

Our flickr group page now has 5,268 photos, covering our entire history at Cheverly Community Market. If you have some spare time, it's fun to take a little journey down memory lane -- you can watch us grow (and the local kids, too!)

This feels like a celebration of sorts, so here's to us! And many gorgeous days at Cheverly Community Market ahead. And thank you all, as always, for making this all possible.

Visit our flickr page. We've posted photos from this Saturday's wonderful early fall market, and you can take that trip down memory lane, too, if you're so inclined.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Great Morning at the Market!

The weather cooperated again -- we have been really fortunate this season!

Did you get any sausage from Stanley at Simply Sausage? Ice cream? BBQ? How about some of those amazing pears and apples from the Reberts? Herbs from New Starts? Lots of great vegetables from the Shlagels? Steaks from the Waltz family? Seafood from Two Oceans? And how about jams, breads, and cheese? There was a true bounty this morning, and we're so thankful to all our vendors for coming to Cheverly this morning!

Special thanks goes to the Eleanor Roosevelt High School Dixieland Combo -- you sounded great this morning! To CPRC for Storytime (thanks Nancy!) And, as always, to the many volunteers who help put together every market -- you're a wonderful crew.

Finally, thanks to all our customers. We are so proud to be part of this amazing community.

Photos will be posted Sunday this week...

Friday, September 23, 2011

At the Market This Week: CPRC Storytime

Please join CPRC at Cheverly Community Market at 10:00am tomorrow for storytime!

Cheverly parent and CPRC member Nancy Clay will read David Lucas' charming book whale. It tells the story of Joe and his grandma May, who wake to that a beached whale has landed atop their seaside town and everyone gathers to discuss how to rescue the whale and save the town. In addition to the book. there will be a coloring activity.

Storytime takes place on the steps of the Community Center at 10:00am. 

This Week at Cheverly Community Market: September 24 Edition

The leaves on the trees around town have just started to change and the sky gets darker earlier these days. Most days, it's wise to take a light sweater with you as you leave the house. Kids' thoughts have already turned to Halloween and you may already be thinking about what you might like to have on the table this Thanksgiving. Thursday was the autumnal equinox, and we're officially enjoying fall.

This Saturday, Cheverly Community Market will be full of fall goodness: onions, apples, pears, plums, herbs, sausages, steaks, cheeses, hearty breads, mums...the list goes on and on. Make sure to visit all our terrific vendors to get beautiful, fresh, local ingredients for the very best fall meals!

Benny's Fruit Stand/Rebert Farm
Waltz Family Farm
Simply Sausage
Shlagel Farm
Running Hare Vineyards
Kaylala Organic Apothecary
New Starts Farm
Martha's Jams
Cheverly Breadbasket
Ladies of Charity Common Ground Coffee
Eve's Cheese 
Pong Orchards 
C&E Farm
Two Oceans Seafood 
Simple Pleasures Ice Cafe (tbc)
Cakes by Ruthann (tbc) 
Lava Pigs BBQ  (tbc)

Music by the Eleanor Roosevelt High School Dixieland Jazz Combo

CPRC Storytime at 10:00am
Friends of Lower Beaverdam
Market 50/50 Raffle

We're looking forward to a great Market -- help us welcome new musical guests, the Eleanor Roosevelt  Dixieland Jazz Combo as well as all of our wonderful vendors. Remember, Cheverly Community Market happens rain or shine. If it's very rainy, we'll be inside the Community Center. No matter where we are, we'd love to see you at the Market Saturday morning!

We're still looking for volunteers to help with breakdown after the Market tomorrow. If you can help put away tables, chairs, tents, etc. (11:30-12:30, give or take), please contact us!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cheverly Community Market Needs YOU This Saturday!

Can you lend a hand with setup or breakdown this Saturday? We are in real need of extra hands at Cheverly Community Market and hope that you can help!

If you can help setup tables and chairs, tents, or help vendors unload their trucks from 7:30 to 8:15am, we could really use you! Can you help put away tables and chairs, break down tents and get our vendors on their way after Market from 11:30am until about 12:30pm? We could really use you, too! Know a teenager (or almost teen) that could help? We welcome you!

Cheverly Community Market, like so many organizations in Cheverly, runs on the strength of its volunteers. You can show you support the Market by helping us this Saturday...and you'll earn our undying gratitude for your efforts!

Can you help? Please email us. And many, many thanks!

Update: We still need volunteers for the post-Market breakdown. If you can lend a hand, please let us know!

This Week at the Market: Martha's Jams

Have you tasted the superb jams and preserves that Cheverly resident Martha Allen brings to Cheverly Community Market? She's a true local treasure!

This week, in addition to the amazing strawberry, blackberry, peach and other varieties she always brings, Martha has cooked up some sugar-free plum-apple butter, which is great on toast or in crepes (mmmm.) It's also a great component to your meals -- baste meat with it, or add it to your own salad dressing, dessert ideas or any other recipe that could use a touch of fall sweetness...without the sugar!

Make sure to visit Martha's Jams this weekend at the Market!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

At the Market This Week: Waltz Family Farm

Have you chatted with the Waltzes yet? If you haven't, make sure to stop by their tent because they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. And they bring amazing meat to us at Cheverly Community Market, so it's a complete win!

The Waltzes will has just re stocked their freezer with lots of fresh pork. They'll also have some new items this Saturday, including nitrate-free hot dogs and nice steaks, like delmonico and mock tender. 

Visit early for the best selection -- they do tend to sell out of the most  popular cuts (which means you know it's good stuff!) 

Get your grills ready -- these cooler fall nights are perfect for cooking outdoors! 

At the Market This Week: Simply Sausage

Simply Sausage will be be at Cheverly Community Market this weekend...and we couldn't be happier!

In addition to their terrific new duck sausage, they'll have four kinds of brats. Stock up for your very own Oktoberfest (or maybe we should begin another grand Cheverly town-wide tradition) and get some of that wonderful duck sausage for your fall suppers!

And make sure to try a sample -- Simply Sausage is a great treat. We're so lucky to have them at the Market!

At the Market This Week: Shlagel Farm

Our good friends from Shlagel Farms have a real fall bounty for us this Saturday!

 Get your pumpkins, cider, apples, tomatoes, onions, kale, and collard greens, as well as eggplant, peppers (red, green and speciality), baby cukes, watermelons, acorn squash, butternut squash....maybe even canteloupes. They'll also have a small supply of yellow squash and zucchini. Oops....we nearly forgot -- eggs! The egg supply is a little smaller than normal -- since they don't put artifical light on their chickens and the are days getting shorter, they (the chickens) are getting stingier with their eggs. Guess we can't blame them...  

Come out early to get the best of everything! 

At the Market This Week: Running Hare Vineyard

It seems like a long time since our friends from Running Hare Vineyards have been with us -- we have to look all the way back to the middle of June We're happy to break that long run with a visit to Cheverly Community Market this Saturday!

The Scarboroughs have been busy this summer -- the winery is now part of Southern Maryland's very first wine trail (visit Patuxent Wine Trail for details), as well as winning international awards for their Malbec, Chardonnay, Chambourcin (my favorite!), Sangiovese, and Shiraz varieties. Congratulations!

Visit the Scarboroughs this Saturday at the Market and pick up a bottle or a case. This week, they'll have that gold medal winning Malbec, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Shiraz (which they've been sold out of!) And if they have that Chambourcin make sure to try it...if you like ports, you will not be sorry!

At the Market This Week: Kaylala Organic Apothecary

We love the products from Kaylala Organic Apothecary, both inside and out! The package design is truly lovely and the contents inside? Remarkable.

We know people who swear by the Nectar Renewal Moisturizing Creme, the  lip balms, and the baby products. As we head into the gift-giving season, this is a great opportunity to stock up on presents for friends and family. They'll be sure to thank you for you for being so thoughtful! It's also a perfect time to stock up on cold-winter essentials -- balms, scrubs, and ointments -- for your own winter skincare cabinet!

Make sure to stop by and visit the Kaylala tent this Saturday at Cheverly Community Market. They'll be happy to answer your questions and give you advice on these wonderful products.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

At the Market This Week: New Starts Farm

Tom Baldwin is back in town...and that means New Starts Farm returns to Cheverly Community Market!

Please help us welcome Tom -- he'll have absolutely gorgeous chrysanthemums and herbs...maybe even some gourds? Whatever Tom brings, you can be sure that it will be great!

This Saturday: Dixieland Jazz at Cheverly Community Market!

Please help us welcome Tad Howley and the Dixieland Jazz Combo of Eleanor Roosevelt High School to the Market this Saturday! They are a semi-professional jazz band that has performed at various community events around the area, including Greenbelt Farmer's Market.

Can't wait until Saturday morning to hear some Dixieland Jazz? Visit Soup Greens -- lots of history and music.

Image courtesy UW Digital Collection via flickr's Creative Commons

Food for Thought: Prince George's County Food & Farms Events This Week

Two interesting events highlighting local food and farming are happening this week...many thanks to Peg Callahan for the heads up!

The Thursday event at DC's Busboys & Poets will bring together a wide variety of people invested in local food, from growers to community activists to restauranteurs, for what promises to be an enlightening conversation.

Busboys & Poets: Building Local Food Systems September 22nd - 6:00pm
(Langston Room, 14th & V Streets, NW) $5.00 suggested donation. 
Speakers will lead a lively discussion about building local, just food systems. Discussion will include those initiatives that work to bring fresh and local foods into restaurants and communities, urban neighborhoods and institutional settings. They'll also discuss those programs that work with under-served and immigrant farmers in the Washington, DC area. Panelists will include a representative from the Accokeek Foundation; Mapy Alvarez of the National Immigrant Farming Initiative; Holly Freishtat, Food Policy Director for the Baltimore City Department of Planning; and growers from ECO City Farms in Edmonston, Maryland.

For more information please contact Molly at

Many of you will remember Pax River Alpacas from previous events at Cheverly Community Market. After visiting the Market this Saturday morning, why not take a trip to the farm to learn about these beautiful animals (and get some of the nicest yarn you'll ever find!)

A Day on the Farm at Pax River Alpacas September 24th - 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Meet, pet and feed the alpacas. Learn about alpacas and alpaca fiber. Spinning and weaving demonstrations. Alpaca training demonstrations. Special prices on exquisite alpaca yarns and gift items at The Alpaca Yarn & Fiber Shop. Great buys on award winning alpacas.

Visit Pax River Alpacas for more information.

UPDATED: Special Event: First Annual Zucchini Regatta

Join us at Cheverly Community Market this Saturday at 9:00 for our first annual Zucchini Regatta!  

Children under the age of 12 may buy a zuchini for $.50 from the Market tent. We'll have tools and supplies to carve out the middle (like a canoe) and insert drinking straw masts.  The best part: decorate your sail any way you want -- you want a lion boat? Go right ahead! A robot? Sounds good to us! A pack of princesses? Sure!

The boats will race in heats of two in our water shoots.  Kids can blow on the sails to move their boats along, but no touching once boats are in the water! The first one to the finish line will win a pirate-themed finger puppet for their vessel.  Didn't win but you think you have a better plan? Runners-up can get back in line to race again until you win!

UPDATE: Due to an emergency, we must reschedule the Zucchini Regatta for October 8. We look forward to seeing your creations in just a few weeks!

Show Your Support: It's Yard Sign Time!

Please kelp us get the word out by putting your Cheverly Community Market sign out today!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What do you do with your Market treasures?

We've been eating apples at every meal -- so many wonderful varieties this week that it would be a shame not to experience them all! We had a delicious corn chowder last night made with fresh sweet corn and potatoes from the Market. And raisin walnut toast with goat cheese and lulo pulp jam makes a delicious sandwich.

How about you? What are you cooking this week?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

What a truly lovely Market we had yesterday! From the amazing barbeque to the last of the summer peaches, from the delicious breads and cakes to a fantastic array of apple varieties, it was a wonderful morning. And the very best part? You. Our friends. Our customers. Our vendors. Our volunteers. We are more appreciative of your support than we could ever truly express.

Special thanks to Cakes by Ruthann for providing an amazing Jamaican dark rum cake to help us celebrate Charles' birthday. What a treat! He was truly surprised and touched by all the warm wishes from everyone at the Market.

And congratulations again to our raffle winner, Helen Kays! She received a $20 certificate good at any one of our vendors through the October 22 Market. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Photos from the day are being posted even as I write this to our flickr page. This was such a beautiful Market -- you'll want to make sure to relive it!

Again, thank you all for your continued support. We are proud to be part of the Cheverly community.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Raffle Winner!

Ellen Kays, please contact Cheverly Community won the raffle today!

It's a Happy Birthday at the Market!

When you're at Cheverly Community Market this morning, make sure to wish Charles -- half of our great house band -- a happy birthday. He'll be playing all morning (not sleeping in), and we want to make sure he knows how much we all appreciate him!

Charles and Kelly have been playing at the Market since the beginning. They're an integral part of our Market mornings and we miss them when they can't play. Give them some love this morning!

Friday, September 9, 2011

We Need a Few Good Volunteers Tomorrow Morning!

We are so happy to see the sun come out this afternoon. A long-lost friend, definitely very welcome this weekend!

We are looking for a few extra volunteers to help with setup and breakdown for tomorrow's Market. Setup is bright and early at 7:15am, cleanup is at noon. Can you lend a hand? Email us and we'll put you together with Mike Callahan. He's not only the Mayor of Cheverly...he's our volunteer coordinator! And many, many thanks!

This Week at Cheverly Community Market: September 10th Edition

What a few weeks we've had! From the earthquake to the hurricane to the deluge we've had over the past week, we're ready for a sunny, calm morning with our friends and neighbors. According to Weather Underground, there's a "slight chance (30%) of showers", so let's all get out and enjoy some time outside!

Shlagel Farm
Reberts/Benny's Market
C & E Farm 
Pong's Orchard
Simply Sausage
Waltz Family Farm
Two Oceans Seafood
LavaPigs Barbeque

Elk Run Vineyard
Cakes by Ruthann
Cheverly Breadbasket
St. Ambrose Ladies of Charity Common Ground Cafe 
Simple Pleasures Ice Cream

Charles & Kelly

Community Groups
CPRC (story time at 10:00am)
Friends of Lower Beaverdam
Raffle ($20 Market Certificate -- raffle at 10:00am)

It will be a great morning to celebrate early Fall! Enjoy the last peaches of summer, try pluots, get fresh herbs, beautiful plants, duck sausage, steaks, seafood, amazing barbeque, lovely local wine, Jamaican treats, fresh pastries and artisan breads, great coffee and delectable ice cream, take the kids to storytime, learn about the ecology of a special place in Cheverly, try your luck with the raffle, and listen to great music from our very own house band.

Phew...what a morning! We can't wait to see everyone -- especially you -- tomorrow morning at Cheverly Community Market!

At the Market This Week: C&E Farm

Have you visited Emma Roberts (and lately, her young grandson) at Cheverly Community Market this season? Not only does Emma bring an amazing bounty of gorgeous plants and flowers, greens, a wide variety of herbs, and home-canned vegetables, she is a fount of knowledge about the many uses of herbs and so much more!

C&E Farm, located in Glenn Dale off Route 450 (near the old hospital complex) has an annual Fall Harvest Festival in October. Ask Emma for details!

Message from the Market: Special Raffle Prize this Week!

This Saturday, we'll continue with our popular raffles...with a special prize: a $20 Market Certificate good to spend at any single Cheverly Community Market vendor!

The drawing will be held at 10:00am, so make sure to visit the Market tent or get your raffle tickets from a roving Market raffle volunteer. The prize certificate will be valid through the October 22nd Market. What a great way to stock up on items you already love,  or try something new!

Make Sure to Get Your Cheverly Community Market Yards Signs Out!

We know it's been raining cats and dogs, and your yard may resemble a lake (or a mushroom field) more than anything else, but please show your support of Cheverly Community Market by getting your yard sign out today!

Thank you!

At the Market This Week: Waltz Family Farm

Do you follow Cheverly Community Market on Facebook? It's a great way to get information directly from some of our vendors, including Laurie Waltz of Waltz Family Farm, who wrote on our page:

Waltz Family Farm is looking forward to another Saturday morning in Cheverly and trying duck sausage. We have a few new cuts of steak to offer and some real nice roasts. Beef Hot Dogs with jalapeno and cheddar are still available. See you soon. :)

Make sure to visit the Waltzes early -- people in the know get to their tent early and get the best selection of delicious meats from Waltz Family Farm!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

At the Market This Week: Cheverly Breadbasket

We know you missed Crystal and Arvind Lal at our last Market, and we're pleased to share that Cheverly Breadbasket will be back this Saturday.

Cheverly Breadbasket brings wonderful artisanal breads and pastries from Washington, DC's Firehook Bakery and amazing tortillas and chips from Hyattville's Moctec to us. Make sure to shop early -- they have a history of selling out!

Get a pastry, some coffee, pull up a chair and listen to the band. Cheverly Breadbasket is an important part of the tradition of Cheverly Community Market, and we're glad to have them back in town!

At the Market This Week: CPRC Story Time

Please join Cheverly Parents Resource Center at 10:00am this Saturday at the Market for story time!

This week's selection is The Busy Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri. This board book tells the tale of a squirrel as he prepares for winter as his friends are still playing. There will also be coloring sheets, so bring your young children to the front steps of the Community Center at 10am.

While you're at the Market, take a moment to join CPRC if you haven't already. This long-time Cheverly organization is a fantastic resource for families with young children in Cheverly and countless lasting friendships have been forged (parents and children!) over the years. Visit their tent for complete membership details.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

At the Market This Week: Shlagel Farm

Of course Shlagel Farms will be on hand this Saturday at Cheverly Community Market! They'll have tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash and zucchini, cucumbers, collard greens, kale, cider, onions, eggs, beets, potatoes, canteloupes, watermelons, green beans, lima beans, and, probably, their final harvest of peaches.  

Eileen Shlagel, a beloved vendor at the Market, sends this message:

Everything is weather dependent. Although we sustained some loss of crops due to just too much water, we have alot of wonderful, nutritious foods planted for fall harvest. In the weeks to come, you can look forward to spinach, swiss chard, cabbage, three kinds of cauliflower, A LOT of broccoli, and -- back by popular demand -- we will be harvesting another crop of greenhouse lettuce. So keep coming to the market and you'll find new things each time!  

I know that the other vendors will join us in saying how much we appreciate the people of Cheverly for their continued support of the market!

We are so thankful to the Shlagels and all our vendors for their commitments to Cheverly Community Market. They are truly part of our community, and the Market depends on our customers, our volunteers and our vendors for its continued success. Please make sure to stop by and help us thank the vendors for bringing their amazing produce, meat, and other products to Cheverly!

At the Market This Week: Cakes by Ruthann

Did you try any of the delicious Jamaican treats from Cakes by Ruthann at the last Cheverly Community Market? We picked up some of that delicious coconut candy -- very sweet but delicious in small bits (and there's enough to share in a package!) We're looking forward to trying some of that rum cake...and everything else!

This week, by popular demand, Ruthann and Nicola will have homemade coffeecake, banana bread, red velvet cupcakes, the Jamaican black rum cake and other Jamaican desserts, carrot cake loaves and cupcakes, pound cake and an assortment of cupcakes. So many delicious treats -- make sure to stop by and get some!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

At the Market This Week: Benny's Fruit Stand/Rebert Farm

What's better in back to school lunches than fresh fruit? Whether it's apples, plums, pluots, apricots or end-of-the-season peaches, a piece of fruit is the perfect addition to any lunch box, for adults and children alike. Many children do not get enough fresh fruit in their diets, so adding just one fruit a day can be a great health booster.

This week, the Reberts will have a variety of apples, plums, pluots, and mny more delicious fruits and vegetables. Make sure to stock up for lunches and snacks!

At the Market This Week: Simply Sausage

This Saturday, Simply Sausage will bring their usual array of amazing sausages. And that would be enough to be happy about, but listen to this: duck sausage. Yes. Duck sausage.

Stan Feder writes that they'll have their new duck sausages for us this Saturday and I'm having visions of amazing early fall meals. How about an early Saturday supper with friends? Serve a salad made with duck sausage, sliced pluots, greens, maybe some pecans and a simple vinaigrette (you could even whip in a spoon of Martha's plum jam) along with some delicious crusty bread and wonderful Maryland wine. Delicious and simple. And sure to impress your family and friends.

Majke sure to stop by Simply Sausage this Saturday at Cheverly Community Market. You'll get the ingredients you need for an absolutely perfect meal!

At the Market This Week: Elk Run Vineyards

We're very excited to welcome Elk Run  Vineyards back to Cheverly Community Market this Saturday -- we haven't visited with them since early June, and we've certainly missed their presence at the we know you have, too!

This week, Elk Run will bring a wide selection of their very best. Here's a sample:

Dry Wines:
Rich nose of pineapple and flowers with a soft complex finish.

CHARDONNAY – Cold Friday Vineyard, MD 2009  
Full-bodied, crisp and lightly oaked.

GYPSY ROSE 2009 - A rose of Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. Dry with cherry and rose petal aromas, smooth and full-bodied.
RED DOOR - Cold Friday Vineyard, MD 2009
A five-grape blend gives the wine bright red berry fruit flavors,
smooth tannins.  A light easy-drinking red wine.

MERLOT – Cold Friday Vineyard MD 2008   
Rich in color, flavors of cherry and blackberry with soft tannins, good balance and a medium finish.

Slightly Sweet Wines:
GEWURZTRAMINER – Cold Friday Vineyard MD  2010 
Grapefruit and lychee fruit aromas with citrus overtones

Very fruity with peach and apple flavors.  Clean finish. 

Soft yet crisp.  A blush with hints of tropical berry in the nose.

Sweet Wines:
SWEET KATHERINE 2009 (500 ml bottle)  
A sweet after-dinner wine.  Full-bodied with a smoky, 
smooth texture.  Made from Cabernet Sauvignon.

VIN DE JUS GLACE 2007 (375 ml)  
Lavishly sweet ice wine style from the Riesling grape.

This port of Cabernet Sauvignon has rich blackberry flavors 
with a hint of anise and deep color.
In addition, Elk Run will have a selection of their popular women's shirts. These are black v-necks with rhinestone slogans such as "Age Gets Better With Wine", "Group Therapy", "Well Red" and other wine-related sayings. 

Make sure to stop by the Elk Run tent this's a great time to replenish your wine collection and stock up for fall festivities!

Find it at Cheverly Community Market: Have you tried pluots?

Pluots (also known as plumcots) are a delicious hybrid of the plum and the apricot (at a ratio of about 70% to 30%) that has been sold since 1989 in California. Noted for their sweet, intense flavor and juiciness, they are particularly rich in vitamins A and C.

There are many varieties of pluots, and the Reberts are bringing some especially delicious examples to us at Cheverly Community Market this Saturday. Make sure to stop by their tent and pick up a carton or two -- they're wonderful on their own, but also very tasty in salads, smoothies, and all sorts of other concoctions!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy International Bacon Day!

We hope that you're celebrating International Bacon Day with some delicious bacon from Waltz Family Farm!

And yes, International Bacon Day is a real thing. It was started in 2006 by some inspired students at University of Colorado, who (obviously) thought the public at large needed more ways to celebrate all things bacon. Smart kids!