Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who's Coming to the Market This Week (July 2 Edition)

Are you planning a cookout over the holiday weekend? Visiting friends? A picnic and fireworks on the Mall? Cheverly Community Market has your culinary needs covered! From the very best fresh seafood, beef, eggs, poultry, and sausages to gorgeous, ripe fruits and vegetables picked at their peak to artisanal cheeses, jams, and more, you're sure to be a hit if you have plenty of Market provisions on hand (not to mention on the grill!)

We've got an amazing lineup for you this Saturday:

Shlagel Farms
Rebert Farm/Benny's Fruit Stand
Al Pong's Orchard
Simply Sausage
Two Oceans Seafood
Waltz Family Farm
Cheverly Breadbasket
St. Ambrose Ladies of Charity Common Ground Coffee
Martha's Jams
Kaylala Organic Apothecary
Elk Run Winery

Community Groups
CPRC storytime -- 10am
Prince George's County Master Gardeners Plant Clinic
Friends of Lower Beaverdam

We're still looking for Cheverly musicians to play a special open mike...if you're interested, please contact Barbara (

Getting the most from your Market purchases: Drying Fruit

Looking for a delicious, healthy way to get the most from your summer fruits? How about drying some? Dried fruit is an easy snack on its own, delicious with yogurt, a wonderful addition to your morning granola...

It's easy to make your own! There are a lot of recipes that suggest drying outdoors, but with our perennially humid climate, drying indoors is safer. This super simple recipe comes from eHow Food:

Things You'll Need:
Your choice of fruit, which can include apricots, apples, peaches, or berries.
Parchment Paper
Cooking Sheet
Large pot

How to Oven Dry Fruit
1. Preheat your oven to 145 degrees.

2. Use fully ripe fruit that is blemish-free.

3. Thoroughly wash, pit, and slice the fruit. The smaller the pieces the quicker it will take for the to dry. However, the fruit should be uniformly sliced so they dry evenly.

4. Blanch or dip the fruit. Blanching works best for apricots and apples. Pectin dips work well with peaches, berries, and cherries. Honey dips can be used for bananas, peaches, and pineapples. Juice dips are preferred for peaches, apples, and bananas.

5. Cover a cooking sheet with parchment paper and place the fruit on top making sure that no slices touch each other.

6. Close the oven door but prop it open with with a wooden spoon so steam is allowed to escape.

7. Keep the fruit in the oven for 4 to 12 hours. After 4 hours you can test a slice and see if it is dry but flexible when cooled. Continue to test until you're satisfied with results.

8. Place the dried fruit in a large open pot in a warm, dry, and airy room. Stir the fruit one to two times a day for 10 to 14 days.

We hope you'll try this out...and share some with your friends!

CPRC Story Time at the Market

In celebration of our local fox population (you know you love them!), this week's story will be Flossie and the Fox by Patricia McKissack. In this delightful children's book a wily fox, notorious for stealing eggs, meets his match when he encounters a bold little girl in the woods who insists upon proof that he is a fox before she will be frightened.

Please join Market Manager Barbara Liston at 10:00am under the trees by the Community Center for story time and coloring. And thanks to Cheverly Parents Resource Center for continuing to provide this fun activity for our Market kids!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maryland's New Wine Shipping Laws

The Baltimore Sun had a very interesting article this week on Maryland's new wine shipping laws (,0,5328126,full.story). To date, only eight Maryland vineyards have applied for the required permits -- our own Elk Run Vineyards is one of them. Since the law is new, it sounds like more wineries will get on board soon. We're glad that Maryland wineries will be able to reach wider audiences...their products are delicious! As you know, we're big fans.

Here's a new way to get the most from the Market: it's a great opportunity to expand your horizons and try some new varieties, buy a few bottles to sample out at home, and stock up on wines for those non-Market seasons. And gift-buying just got even better!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Music at the Market: It's Open Mike Time!

Here's your opportunity to unleash your inner rock star...or diva/divo...or crooner: Open Mike at the Market!

From Market Manager Barbara Liston: "Attention, Cheverly Musicians - We are planning an "Open Mike" session for the July 2nd market. We are open from 8-noon, so if you are interested, let us know and well give you a slot. Let your talent shine...we are blessed to have so much musical talent in our town! Deadline is Monday at 9am."

C'mon, musicians and musical people! It'll be a lot of fun to see you all performing. Interested? Email Barbara ( by Monday, June 27, at9sm. And thanks for participating!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In the news...Cheverly Community Market!

There's a very nice article on Cheverly Community Market in today's Bowie Patch. Check it out!

They're running a series on local farmer's market, and we're happy to be included...and it sounds like they like us! They really like us!

There's also a great recipe for a grilled horseradish cheddar and tomato sandwich...can't wait to try it out. Best of all, all the main ingredients for this recipe can be had at the Market!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A message from the Market Manager regarding pets at the Market

Hi, everyone.

Dogs at the market was a discussed topic on the Exchange since I asked several folks to tie their dogs over in the shade since we have it clearly on the website that dogs are not welcome at the market. Last night, I spent several hours googling health codes. It is a big topic of conversation on the internet among dog lovers from coast to coast, apparently.

I composed a letter of response (since I was the meanie who sent them away.) I had also e-mailed Elaine Friebele after the first market to remind her of the dog-free market. Here is what is posted on the exchange today:Since the inception of the Cheverly Community Market, dogs have not been allowed. When this question arose, I combed through the health codes for markets, food distribution sites and community fairs. While there is not a specific ruling banning dogs, it is stated that it is up to each market to set their own standard AND PUBLICIZE IT.

I am presently the market manager for the Cheverly Community Market as well as a "dog person." I am undoubtly the person who suggested that since dogs were not allowed in the market area, they could be tied in the shade next to the market. I am also a "child person." We have many of them at the market. While your dog might be fine with kids, some get easily spooked (mine included) and the closeness of the market stalls does not leave much leeway to keep dogs and kids apart.

We have chosen to take the better safe than sorry position that is prevailent at most of the smaller markets. I hope you all understand that with a group of varying interests, we can only try to do out best to keep all parties safe and happy.


I received a call from the Health Depart regarding you inquiry about dogs at the market.  There is not a Board of Health ruling on dogs at the market. He did not know where that came from, but he had only been with the Board of Health for three years. That leaves it up to each market to make their decision about dogs.
Our situation has changed this year since we now carry insurance.  I think it is in our best interest to continue to keep dogs from the market...
Now...Cheverly DOES need a dog park...maybe could be held in conjunction with the market!  (Just joking)

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Ideas for Favorite Ingredients

During the Market this Saturday, I had a great chat with Ellen Shlagel about drawing inspiration from the Market vendors. It came up because I told her that seeing and tasting all the wonderful flavors from POPular Pops -- and watching reactions of all the people wandering around with popsicles -- made me want to come home and try out some of my own flavor ideas. This has happened many times at the Market -- seeing combinations of produce, meat, seafood, jams, gets me thinking about new ways to make my favorite recipes or (even better) try something completely new. Ellen said that she had the same experience, and that a few years ago a customer told her about a recipe he made using Shlagel Farms Peach cider. She listened, but didn't try it. He came to see her again a few weeks later with a gift -- his recipe using her ingredients. And, she said, it was wonderful. He opened her eyes to something that's in her household every day. Imagine!

So are you curious about that recipe? So simple, and perfect for summer:
Combine very cold strong black tea with very cold each cider and chill until it's almost icy. That's it. Simple and delicious. Ellen also told me that a bride several years ago combined that same peach cider with champagne for wedding mimosas. Another fantastic idea that I want to try.

What about you? Have you found new uses for standard ingredients in your home or at the Market? I know of some very creative, delicious ways that Martha's Jams are making it onto local dinner plates. And I heard about a Cheverly cat with a predilection for Eve's Cheddar Cheese (lucky cat!) We'd love to hear some of your stories!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thanks for a great morning!

That was a wonderful morning...seems like every Market is better than the last, and that's thanks to everyone -- vendors, volunteers and customers alike! We couldn't do it without all of you!

Our next Market date is July 2nd -- just in time for those Fourth of July cookouts...start planning now (we know there are some competitive cooks here in Cheverly!) We'll have everything you need to make your holiday meal truly special...and the Market is a great way to kick off a long weekend!

Over the next two weeks, we'll bring you some special Market stories, some new recipes, links and more. In the meantime, if you want to relive this morning -- or any other Market date -- visit our flickr page. We're closing in on 4,000 photographs of our four years. And if you take photographs at the Market, please feel free to join the group and add them to the pool. We always love to see a variety of perspectives!

Cook some wonderful meals, plan your holiday festivities and visit the blog over the next two weeks...until we see you again at the Market!

Live at the Market: POPular Pops!

The talk of the Market this morning? Our new vendor, POPular Pops! I am a new fan of the Orient Espresso, while there are loads of people sampling Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry Shortcake, Pineapple Mint (I understand that's Father Kennedy's favorite), and Banana Pudding. Yum!

The Market is open until noon today...stop by! - Posted from the iPhone of Awesome

Friday, June 17, 2011

What's in store this week at the Market

What a terrific lineup we have this weekend! Two new vendors, wine, plus many of our favorites and forecasts for terrific weather mean a truly great Saturday morning at Cheverly Community Market. We can't wait to see all our friends and neighbors, listen to our great band and a fun story, enjoy a cup of coffee and a pastry, and get delicious food for a Father's Day feast!

So...who's coming to Market this weekend?

Shlagel Farms
Rebert Farm/Benny's Fruit Stand
Al Pong's Orchard
Simply Sausage
Two Oceans Seafood 
Waltz Family Farm NEW VENDOR!
Cheverly Breadbasket
St. Ambrose Ladies of Charity Cafe Ambrosio Coffee
Martha's Jams
Running Hare Vineyard
Mystic Water Soaps 
Rose Fennell Pottery 
Music by Charles & Kelly

Community Groups
CPRC storytime -- 10am
St. Ambrose Blood Drive -- sign up today and donate blood on July 2
Friends of Lower Beaverdam

You can also buy reusable Market bags for just $2, and we'll have a few cookbooks for sale as well (perfect gift for those foodie dads!) and a 50/50 raffle, too. It's going to be a great morning, and you don't want to miss it!

See you Saturday at the Market!

CPRC Story Time at the Market!

Join CPRC member Ann Barsi at 10:00am tomorrow at Cheverly Community Market for "Apple Farmer Annie", a delightful story about a girl and all the fun she has cooking, sorting, and selling her apples. There  will also be coloring sheets for the kids!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Vendor: Waltz Family Farm

Photo courtesy of
The Waltz Family Farm is the oldest continuously-owned family farm in Washington County, dating from 1774. We are thrilled that they are joining us at Cheverly Community Market this week. We found this great Washington Post article from 2007 featuring Sally Waltz -- it's a wonderful read and sure to get your juices flowing!

Laurie Waltz sends this message:

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to come to your market, really looking forward to it. Waltz Family Farm, located in Smithsburg, Maryland, will be offering Beef, Pork and Lamb.  We raise all the animals on our farm. Feed all natural grains and hay. The hay we make on the farm, grain is custom  mixed and purchased from a reputable supplier near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Beef and Lamb are pastured as well.  The hogs are kept in a large barn and free to roam where ever they please (inside the barn).   

Here's what Laurie and the Waltzes will bring to us this Saturday:

Steaks :  Sirloin, NY Strip, Ribeye (Delmonico), Filet Mignon, Cube, Flank, Hanger and Skirt
Roasts:   Eye of Round,  Rolled Rump, Chuck, Shoulder and Brisket
Misc. :    Ground Beef - very lean, Chip steaks, Stew Cubes and much more

Cured Hams and ham steaks, Pork Loin and Tenderloin Roasts, Butt Roasts
Pork Chops (bone-less and bone-in), Ribs, Sausages, Bacon
Hot Dogs (nitrate free), Kielbasa and Sausage grillers

Leg of Lamb, Ground Lamb, Lamb stew and Lamb Kabobs, Assorted Lamb chops
Rack of Lamb
They'll also have assorted organ meats, such as heart, liver, and so forth. And dog bones, too!

Planning a Father's Day cookout? Here's your opportunity to get some truly wonderful provisions for a special meal. Stop by and meet Laurie Waltz and her family at the Market this Saturday -- you'll be glad you did!

This Week at the Market: Shlagel Farms

You know we're always happy to see Ellen Shlagel of Shlagel Farms! The summer growing season is really getting under way now, and we'll start to see all sorts of gorgeous produce that we associate with these hot summer months. Ellen shares the proof with her list of what she'll bring to Market this Saturday:

This week Shlagel Farms will be bringing the following to market:

Kale and collard greens
Squash and zucchini
mixed salad greens
brown eggs
a few blackberries
a few black raspberries
cider (we now have two types of cherry)
green beans

And a special message from Ellen:

A huge Thank you to those of you that recycle your egg cartons and bring those back to me.  I really appreciate the extra trouble that you go to for me and for the planet!

Time to start making your meal plans...there's so much good, healthy, local food coming to you this week!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Week at the Market: Mystic Water Soap

Have you tried the wonderful soaps from Mystic Water Soap? Soapmaker Michelle Burns has been bringing her wares to Cheverly Community Market since our beginning, and we're always glad to have her with us! She'll have a wide variety of handmade soaps and other personal care items, all made with simple ingredients using traditional methods. 

Visit the Mystic Water Soap website for complete details on these wonderful products, or ask Michelle this Saturday!

Wine at the Market: Running Hare Vineyard

We are really looking forward to seeing our friends from Calvert County's Running Hare Vineyard at the Market this Saturday. They'll be bringing their award-winning wines to us -- look for fruity Chardonnays, smooth Malbecs, citrusy Pinot Grigio (their most popular offering), and more.

Make sure to stop by the Running Hare Vineyard tent and chat with Mike and Barb Scarborough about your menu plans. They'll be happy to help you choose the perfect wine to pair with any meal!

New Vendor! POPular Pops!

To say that we're excited about this new vendor is a teeny tiny understatement! POPular Pops joins us this week! POPular Pops, based in Annapolis, offers all sorts of interesting flavors -- look for PB&J, Ginger Citrus, and more. Personally, I'm looking forward to trying my first "Orient Espresso" (espresso can only be good!)

Make sure to stop by, say hi, and let these good people know how excited we are to have them at Cheverly Community Market!

Message from the Market Manager: This Saturday at the Market

Market Manager Barbara Liston has been busy working with our vendors to bring all sorts of exciting things to the Market this Saturday. We're also very enthusiastic about all the community groups that are participating this season -- you're putting the "community" in Cheverly Community Market! And, of course, we're always so happy to have Charles & Kelly making our Saturday mornings full of music.

Here's a brief update from Barbara:

Now that we are enjoying a break in the heat, it's time to make plans to head to Saturday's Market, meet your fellow Cheverlites, enjoy some fresh coffee, perhaps a tasty treat, and the musical stylings of guitarists, Kelly and Charles.

We hope to have some new vendors this week and more fruit should be coming in with the warmer weather.

Please remember to put your sign out! Many have been passed out - but few are in evidence. We want to let everyone know we are at the Commuity Center with lots to share.

See you Saturday!
Barbara Liston, Market Manager

PS - We will be having a 50/50 this week to support our market activities. Come and try your luck. 

We'll be posting the full list of vendors soon -- don't you love the suspense?  Our first two Markets of the season were great successes, and as the season progresses, more fresh produce and products are in store. Since the weather forecasts look great for Saturday, plan to include Cheverly Community Market in your Saturday morning plans!

This Week at the Market: Rose Fennell Pottery

We're very excited to welcome Cheverly potter Rose Fennell back to the Market this weekend. Rose has been with us since the beginning, and we're always glad to see what she's been making.

Looking for a wedding gift ('tis the season, after all), a housewarming present? Are you one of those people who shop now for the holidays? Rose has some truly lovely pottery that would be perfect for any of these occasions...and, of course, for your own home as well.

Stop by and visit with Rose this Saturday -- you're sure to find something that's just right for you or someone special to you!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Help us spread the word!

Time to get those lawn signs out! We have all sorts of exciting things lined up for you this Saturday, and we need your help in letting your friends and neighbors know that it's Market weekend. Please put your sign out! Need a sign? Contact Market Manager Barbara Liston -- she'll get you situated. - Posted from the iPhone of Awesome

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cold soups for hot days: Ukranian Cold Fruit Soup

How did we get to the dog days of summer already? We're looking for relief! Here's a unusual, delicious Ukranian soup perfect for days like these... I think that, as with most soups, you could substitute and change proportions in all sorts of interesting ways to make this summer soup uniquely your own!

Ukranian Cold Fruit Soup

2 c cold water
1 lb aples cored, peeled & cubed to 3/4"
1 lb pears cored peeled & cubed to 3/4"
1/2 lb cherries pitted
1/2 lb plums pitted
1/2 lb peaches peeled pitted & cubed to 3/4"
1/2 c fresh, soft bread crumbs
1 tb fresh lemon juice
1 1/2 tb grated lemon rind
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 c raspberry jam or preserves
1/2 c sugar
3/4 c sweet white wine
 1 c cranberry juice

Put water, cinnamon, lemon juice bread crumbs, & lemon rind in large pot. Bring to a boil, then add fruit. Reduce heat and simmer for 25 minutes. Puree cooked fruit and liquid in a blender, then add jam, wine, & cranberry juice. Mix well and refrigerate. Chill for 2-12 hours before serving.
*NOTE: Apple dumplings may be served in this soup.

Yield: 6 Servings
ORIGIN: Dr. Olga Gorecheva, St. Petersburg-Russia, circa 1997
Find this and other cold soups for warm weather at

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Recipes: Rhubarb Gallette

We found a wonderful sounding recipe for rhubarb gallette over on Tasting Table. This would be a perfect weekend to try some new recipes with some of your favorite old ingredients!

Get the most from your food dollars: Save that produce!

Do you still have a few remaining strawberries from last Saturday's Market? A last summer squash that's not looking so fresh anymore? Renowned chef Marcus Samuellson has some great hints for saving your fruits and vegetables (and making the most of your Market purchases) over on his blog.

A quick hint for leftover bread? Cube and freeze it -- you can quickly toast the cubes for a salad topping, shave them for bread crumbs, or (my personal favorite) use a combination of leftover breads for delicious bread pudding.

Ideas We Love: DIY storage bags

So you get to the Market. You bring (or buy) your big reusable shopping bags, but what do you do about your lettuce and other delicate produce that needs to be kept apart from your other purchases? You don't want those lovely herbs, lettuces and other fruits and veggies crushed by the time you go home!

Instead of using plastic bags, how about making some reusable produce bags? Design Sponge (one of my favorite websites for all sorts of great ideas!) has a great little tutorial for this easy DIY project. And with the hot, hot weather, a quick inside project is just the thing! Best yet, you can recycle old dish towels, personalize your bags in all sorts of ways and really make them your own. And they're super simple, so you can whip up enough for all your purchases at next Saturday's Market!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thank you for another great Market!

Thank you for another wonderful day at the Market! To our vendors, our volunteers, our friends, neighbors, families and shoppers, thank you! Lots of exciting stuff coming up in the next few weeks, but for now, we hope you're enjoying a wonderful, fresh Market dinner...and maybe a glass of wine!

Miss the Market? Want to see what we saw today? Visit our flickr page!

Compost Bins! Available today at the Market!

Friends of Lower Beaverdam and Progressive Cheverly are working together with the town and several other organizations to get more people to compost. Doug Alexander tells us more...

 "SoilSaver compost bin are available to Cheverly residents for only $20 (reg. price up to $99.98 at Amazon & other locations). A $20 rebate program is also available if you prefer to purchase a bin from a retail outlet. Information on how and what to compost is provided. Bins will be on sale at the Cheverly Community Market or by contacting Doug Alexander at 301-773-2082 or For the rebate, scan and e-mail the receipt (must be dated after June 1, 2011) or mail the original to: Doug Alexander, 3127 63rd Place, Cheverly, MD 20785. Provide your full contact information including address. The low price has been made possible by grants from the Chesapeake Bay Trust (through the Green Infrastructure Plan Committee grant), the NIE Institute, and the Town of Cheverly. Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek (FLBC) is administering the grants and the Environmental Committee of Progressive Cheverly is implementing the program. This is a comprehensive plan to encourage all residents to compost food scraps, waste paper like paper towels, napkins and tissue, and other compost-able materials to reduce Town tipping fees and improve overall waste management. Of course, you’ll also produce great compost to amend your garden, bushes and lawn. Our goal is to place 400 bins over 3-years that will save the Town over $56,000 in tipping fees over the next 10-years. DON’T PUT FOOD DOWN THE DISPOSAL: Putting food scraps down your garbage disposal is the worst way to get rid of them. It takes more energy and cost more to clean wastewater when food scraps are in it. The water must first be filtered before the water is cleaned and all that food waste still ends up in the landfill. Compost vegetable food scraps, coffee grounds, eggshells, etc. and trash the meat, dairy, oils, and greasy materials." 

This is a great opportunity to purchase compost bins at very low cost! And what a great way to get the most from your purchases. We hope you'll take advantage of this project!

Friday, June 3, 2011

At last...Cheverly Community Market Reusable Bags!

We are really excited about this...many of you have suggested it and over the years, it's been on our to-do list but never quite at the top. Finally, they're here: Cheverly Community Market Reusable bags! Our Market logo in white on roomy green bags, just perfect for a morning at the Market. And at just $2, you'll want to grab a few extras!

You can purchase them at the Community Market table! And many thanks to Market Manager Barbara Liston for moving the ball along!

(And yes, this is only an illustration...we have to keep some excitement in store for tomorrow morning, don't we?)

Friday Message from the Market Manager -- What's in Store?

This may go down as one of our most community-oriented markets ever...there's so much in store that we can hardly wait until tomorrow morning! Market Manager Barbara Liston and Cathy Wintermyer have the rundown for you... "Our market is very proud of the fact that we were the first farmer's market in Maryland to feature local wine. Now approaching our fifth year, Elk Run Winery and Bob and Susan Cecil have been with us from the beginning, starting with our very first Thanksgiving Market in 2007. They have a full complement of their award-winning wine for every palate and are anxious to share it with you. Also some very glam T-shirts for the wine aficionado at your house. Make sure you Friend us on Facebook and tweet about what wonderful things you see at the Market, including Charles & Kelly, who will be playing for us again this Saturday. "Now along with wine, there must be cheese, right? Well we are pleased to announce the return of Eve's Cheese from the beautiful Eastern Shore. Joan Nunn will be back selling the best cow's milk cheddars and colbys ever. And visit the Maryland Wine website for wonderful ideas about visiting the now more than 45 wineries in the Free State this summer. Also returning will be Emma Dudley of C & E Farms with her herbs, plants and fresh spring produce! Please stop by the Community Market table to pick up the newly arrived shopping bags for $2 each and your Father's Day gift of Dishing Up Maryland for that special man in your life. Shlagel Farms will have: strawberries, cherries, eggs, squash and zucchini, hydroponic and chemical-free lettuce, mixed salad greens, and tomatoes, in addition to beets, spring onions, kale and collards, asparagus, cider, and hanging baskets. Saturday's vendors: Elk Run Vineyards Shlagel Farms, Simply Sausage - bringing more Cumberland bangers, blue cheese, butiffara, rosemary lamb, and spicy summer flavors! Cheverly Breadbasket featuring Firehook baked goods and Moctec tortillas Common Ground/St. Ambrose Ladies of Charity featuring Chesapeake Bay Coffee Roasters Pong's Orchard Two Oceans Seafood Benny's Market (Rebert's) Martha's Jams Kaylala Organic Apothecary Eve's Cheese C & E Farms Community groups coming this Saturday:
Prince George's County Master Gardeners Plant Clinic (Casey and Dave Kneipp)
CPRC story hour @10 a.m.
St. Ambrose Men's Club Blood Drive
St. Ambrose Shoe and Eyeglasses Drive @ Common Ground coffee stand
Progressive Cheverly -- Compost Bins!

Eye glasses & athletic shoes donations accepted at the Market on Saturday!

The Saint Ambrose Ladies of Charity/Common Ground Coffee Table will have collection boxes for your donations at the Market tomorrow.

St. Ambrose is collecting old pairs of prescription glasses and new or gently used kids' athletic shoes (up to adult size 9) to take to our Sister Parish in San Agustin, El Salvador in July.
There is a doctor willing to check the prescription on all the donated glasses and they have arranged for an El Salvadoran eye clinic to come to San Agustin to check eyes. Your old glasses will give new eyesight to someone!!
Also, the principal of the school in San Agustin reports that many children come to school without shoes. The mission group is hoping to take many pairs of new or gently used athletic shoes and new athletic socks with them in July.
This request has been in the St. Ambrose bulletin but there might be a lot of folks in Cheverly with extra glasses or shoes who'd like to donate to this wonderful cause. If you can't bring donations to the Market on Saturday, you can also deliver them to St. Ambrose church (there are collection boxes in the lobby).

(Public Domain images courtesy of Pixabay and  Photos Public Domain.)

CPRC Story Time!

Local treasure Cheverly Parents Resource Center (CPRC) continues a fun tradition for the kids -- Story Time at the Market! This week, Chase O'Brien will be reading a favorite: "The Flea's Sneeze" by Lynn Downey. Bring the younger kids over to the steps of the Community Center at 10:00am for a story and some fun coloring time!

Learn more about CPRC.

At the Market this week: Shlagel Farm

We're big fans of the the Shlagels -- they've always got terrific stuff to share!

Tomorrow, they'll have strawberries, cherries, eggs, squash and zucchini, hydroponic and chemical-free lettuce, mixed salad greens, and tomatoes. Spring onions, kale and collards, asparagus, cider, and hanging baskets, too!

This is going to be a fantastic Market -- we're looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Who's coming to Market this week?

We've got a great lineup this week -- by making your grocery shopping plans around Market purchases, you could have incredible, simple summer meals right up until our next Market!

Elk Run Vineyards
Shlagel Farms
Simply Sausage
Cheverly Breadbasket featuring Firehook baked goods and Moctec tortillas
Common Ground/St. Ambrose Ladies of Charity featuring Chesapeake Bay Coffee Roasters
Pong's Orchard
Two Oceans Seafood
Benny's Market (Rebert's)
Martha's Jams
Eve's Cheese
Kaylala Organic Apothecary

We'll also have Prince George's County Master Gardeners (bring your plant questions!), CPRC story hour (10:00am, to be confirmed) for the kids, and, of course, music from our
very own house band, Charles & Kelly! And we'll have Cheverly Community Market logo bags for sale -- $2 each -- to reuse for all your Market purchases. We'll also have a few cookbooks...a perfect gift for those Cheverly dads who love to cook this Father's Day!

The weather is supposed to be perfect this weekend -- great for a Saturday morning hanging out with your family, friends, and neighbors at the Market. Great for cookouts and last-minute potlucks (we know there are loads of amazing cooks in Cheverly!) Start planning now and take advantage of a terrific weekend...with treats from Cheverly Community Market!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wine Returns to the Market -- Elk Run Vineyards!

Bob and Susan Cecil of Elk Run Vineyards are looking forward to returning to the Cheverly Community Market for our 5th year...and we're looking forward to their return!
One of the top wineries on the East Coast, Frederick County's Elk Run combines modern research and technology with traditions and practices of old world wine making. The result? Fine wines with character, structure, balance and good color.

This Saturday, Elk Run Vineyards will have a wide variety of wine for you to choose from...start planning now!
Dry Wines:

Rich nose of pineapple and flowers with a soft complex finish.
CHARDONNAY – Cold Friday Vineyard, MD 2009  
Full-bodied, crisp and lightly oaked.
GYPSY ROSE 2009 - A rose of Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.
Dry with cherry and rose petal aromas, smooth and full bodied.
RED DOOR - Cold Friday Vineyard, MD 2009
A five-grape blend gives the wine bright red berry fruit flavors,
smooth tannins.  A light easy-drinking red wine.
MERLOT – Cold Friday Vineyard MD 2008   
Rich in color, flavors of cherry and blackberry with soft tannins,
good balance and a medium finish.  
Slightly Sweet Wines:

GEWURZTRAMINER – Cold Friday Vineyard MD  2010 
Grapefruit and lychee fruit aromas with citrus overtones
Very fruity with peach and apple flavors.  Clean finish. 
Soft yet crisp.  A blush with hints of tropical berry in the nose.
Sweet Wines:

SWEET KATHERINE 2009 (500 ml bottle)  
A sweet after-dinner wine.  Full-bodied with a smoky, 
smooth texture.  Made from Cabernet Sauvignon.
VIN DE JUS GLACE 2007 (375 ml)  
Lavishly sweet ice wine style from the Riesling grape.
This port of Cabernet Sauvignon has rich blackberry flavors 
with a hint of anise and deep color.
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So start planning your wine purchases now -- with so many social activities over the summer months, you'll want to stock up, and the Market is the perfect place to do it!