Monday, April 19, 2010

Meet Audra Russell and Follow Her Blog!

Hi Friends of Cheverly Community Market. Meet Audra Russell. Her energy is amazing and she'll be vending at our market this year.

"I am a certified master gardener and have been growing vegetables the all natural way for five years now. It is important to me to feed my family fresh fruits and vegetables that have no pesticides or processed fertilizers. I believe you should be able to walk into a garden and eat right from the vine.
I grew up spending alternate summers with both sets of my grandparents. My paternal grandmother owned a 22 acre farm in Minnesota. My grandmother raised her own cows for butchering, had her own chickens and grew her own fruits and vegetables. My maternal grandparents had a one acre lot across from their house. They grew and canned their own food to feed their family of eleven.
When I began my garden, it was intended to show my children where food comes from. Thatfirst garden awakened my passion for growing my own food, which led to my decision to become a master gardener. I enjoy sharing what I learn--and grow--with others."

What would our world be like if more people did what Audra does? She'd love to hear from you. Post your comments below. She also welcomes new readers to her blog to share her garden experiences and see what's growing. Follow her at

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