Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Precious Produce

This past June was the hottest on record for our area, and July is now poised to be even hotter. As we've retreated to air-conditioned comfort and indoor plumbing, our farmers have spent grueling, long hot days in their fields trying to save their crops. 

Matt Rebert writes, "Mother Nature has us scrambling.  We are trying to irrigate as much as possible with trickle.  The only problem is we haven't really used our system much in the last two years - and things aren't running smoothly---yet.  We are pumping water on our apples, peaches, tomatoes, etc.  Our corn is suffering the most.  We have to rely on overhead irrigation for the corn which is not very efficient."

Kristen Carbone with Radix Farm sent in her report. "We plan to be at the market on Saturday.  Hopefully with plenty to sell, but some things on my list are tentative due to the weather.  I haven't had any major devastation from yet, but the recently seeded crops are growing very slowly, and the tomatoes and eggplants aren't really setting new fruits in this heat.  Some plants (like tomatoes) stop growth when the temperature is over 90 degrees, so the heat and the lack of rain are really taking a toll on even seemingly healthy plants."

Sally Voris of White Rose Farm has posted "Of Loss and Lettuce" on her farm blog.

We are waiting to hear from Eileen and Russ, Emma Dudley, and Al Pong, and will post as soon as we can.

 In spite of the wicked weather and to the credit of the determination and perseverance of our farmers, Saturday's market is worth making  a SPECIAL EFFORT to come and shop. 

Yellow and White Peaches
A variety of plums
Lodi apples

Radix Farm
Summer Squash
Bok Choi
Herb Seedlings
and possibly small amounts of peppers, tomatoes and eggplant.

White Rose Farm
Pork: sausage, pork chops and ham slices, and we
have many other cuts available. This month we are featuring ham
ends--not slices--and our hams are on sale for $4.00/pound. People can
pre-order from our web site any cut we have available and we will
deliver on Saturday.

This is from the garden:
Beans, Roma--and possibly Burgundy
Onions, cipolini, scallions, Red Bull, and Shallots
Potatoes, Red Pontiac, Yukon Gold and All Blue
Squash, Summer
Tomatoes, Early Girl and Sun Gold

Basil: Anise, Genovese, Lemon, Opal and Thai
Celery, leaf
Parsley, Flat Italian

Flowers: Zinnias

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