Thursday, March 29, 2012

REMINDER: Shlagel Farms & Waltz Family Farm are coming to town THIS SATURDAY!

Is ordering from Shlagel Family Farm and Waltz Family Farm for delivery this weekend on your to-do list? Do it right away! So far, they've only received a few orders, and they many have to postpone their Cheverly treks for a few weeks if they don't get more!

Shlagel Farm brings beautiful brown eggs to Cheverly. Brown eggs, with all of their naturally variance in color, are a lot of fun to dye. The colors come out rich and sometimes dark and they look cool mixed with traditionally dyed eggs. Eileen will also have bags of fresh cut spinach for $4.00.  The asparagus is VERY, VERY close.  I wont know until Saturday if I will have some to bring so that will be a suprise! Email Eileen with your order for Saturday pickup.

Waltz Family Farm will stop by Cheverly to deliver delicious meats, including beef, lamb, and pork. Need lamb for Greek Easter? Laurie has half a lamb available. Live weight is about 55lbs., born this winter and fed only mothers milk and pasture. They'll also have hot dogs stuffed with cheddar cheese, kielbasa grillers and canadian bacon. Please take a look at the menu from their last Cheverly delivery to get an idea of what's available. Once you make some choices (and there's a lot of good stuff available!) email Laurie directly or calling 301-714-0584.  If you do order via email, Laurie asks that you include a phone number in case she needs to reach you. 

Again, please make sure to preorder with Eileen and Laurie -- they will be dropping orders at the Community Center and Cheverly Community Market personnel are not involved in this effort (beyond helping to get the word out!)

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