Monday, August 19, 2013

Special Message: Cheverly Breadbasket NOT at the Market this Saturday

We know that many of you look forward to Saturday morning at Cheverly Community Market for fresh bread from Firehook Bakery and fresh tortillas from Moctec by way of Cheverly Breadbasket. We're with you. Sometimes though, family must come first. This weekend is one of those times. You see, Arvind and Crystal Lal with be taking their son, Nick, to college for his freshman year. Nick has helped his dad man the bread stall for years -- in fact, we feel like we've seen him grow up at the Market!

This might be a great week to try your hand at homemade tortillas or baking a fresh baguette or loaf of bread at home -- visit us on Pinterest for some great recipes for breads, tortillas, and more! And while we won't have the Lals with us, we do have other great bakers -- Cakes by Ruthann and Tasha's Cookies & Treats -- to keep you happy this Saturday morning! We'll be sharing those vendor updates with you soon, but we wanted to keep you in the loop.

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