Friday, October 9, 2009

Market's On, Rain or Shine!

Just a reminder...our vendors will be coming to the Market rain or shine and we'll be waiting for you! We know one of the things that you love about Cheverly Community Market is sharing a beautiful morning outdoors with your friends and neighbors. This year, we've been very lucky -- all our Markets have been outside. The weather forecasts look iffy for Saturday morning -- we're hearing 66% chance of rain right now. Lucky for us, we have a plan to bring the Market to you rain or shine! If the weather is bad Saturday morning, come on over to the Community Center -- we'll be in the gym. The indoors Markets are always different and lots of fun! Now, we need a little help from you... We're looking for extra volunteers for setup tomorrow morning (indoor Markets require more hands.) If you can help out, please make your way over to the Community Center tomorrow morning (around 7:00am). We don't need the Navy Seals, but if you're a strong, early riser who isn't afraid of getting wet and wants to do a good deed, we'd welcome you with open arms! (photo: Nickolas Muray, McCall's Magazine, 1943)

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