Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who's Coming to Market? Rebert Farm/Benny's Produce Stand and Golden Leaf Farms

Rebert's Farm/Benny's Produce Stand will be with us for the final Market of our regular season (don't forget about our two special Markets in November and December!) They'll have a fantastic selection of apples -- this time with the addition of fuji and granny smith varieties. They'll also have pears, a variety of winter squash, gourds, Indian corn, and fresh pressed cider. We love Rebert's apples -- we've tried all sorts of varieties in the past weeks and there hasn't been anything we've disliked. Make sure to pick up some squash, as well as some indian corn and gourds for decorating! We're also very excited about the return of Golden Leaf Farms! The bees have been busy, and we'll be enjoying the fruits of their labor this Saturday. Here's your chance to do your best Winnie the Pooh imitation!
See you at the Market!


Anonymous said...

Do you know if the oyster farmer will be at the market Saturday?

Cheverly Community Market said...

Thanks for your question. Rich Pelz, the oyster rancher, has had a terrible time getting volunteers to help him this season and has been shorthanded. Unfortunately, this means that he hasn't been able to be at our -- or other -- markets. We're hoping that Circle C Oyster Ranch will be back with us very soon. We miss the wonderful seafood...but most of all, we miss Rich!