Friday, October 9, 2009

More vendors announced for Saturday's Market

More vendors are on board for tomorrow morning's Market, and we're so excited to have them! Shlagel Farms brings a wonderful, wide variety of fresh produce to us every Market. Stock up for fall meals (and pick up a beautiful mum for your yard while you're at it!) Martha's Jams will be with us! Martha has delicious jams and preserves. They're delicious on your moring toast, but we like to use them in cooking, too. Try glazing pork from Clan Stewart with some preserves, and serving with homemade applesauce... Yum!
Clan Stewart will have delectable meats -- including pork and beef -- to round out your meals. Terry Moist also brings the best farm fresh eggs around. Clan Stewart always brings suprises, so make sure to visit early!
Al Pong will bring those delectable Asian pears and some absolutely lovely plants. Mr. Pong brings some of the most interesting varieties we've seen in this area, so make sure to stop by.
Remember: We're looking for extra volunteers for setup tomorrow morning (indoor Markets require more hands.) If you can help out, please make your way over to the Community Center tomorrow morning (around 7:00am). We don't need the Navy Seals, but if you're a strong, early riser who isn't afraid of getting wet and wants to do a good deed, we'd welcome you with open arms!
See you Saturday -- rain or shine -- at the Market!

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