Monday, May 16, 2011

Do you have your sign out yet? Need one?

It's that time...if you have a yard sign for Cheverly Community Market, please put it out on your front lawn and help us get the word out about the Market this weekend. Ours is a little beat up, but it still works!

A message from Market Manager Barbara Liston:

Hi, faithful Market followers-
It's almost time for our first market!!! We need to let all of Cheverly AND the surrounding areas that we will be open. With the demise of Giant on 202, we may pick up extra customers. We now accept WIC checks. The present signs will be amended to reflect that. If you still have your sign, please set it out. We are looking for additional locations on the fringe areas of town - especially over near the apartments or Maureen Court.
Please e-mail me with your address if you no longer have your sign and I'll get one to you.
It's gonna be a great year!

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