Thursday, May 26, 2011

Need ideas for all those strawberries?

It's strawberry season here in Maryland, and if you're like us, you've been consuming your weight in strawberries almost every day (it's okay -- strawberries are very healthy!) Whether you pick them in your own garden (assuming the birds haven't beat you to those sweet treats) or you purchased a motherlode from Schlagel's or Reberts/Benny's at the Market last weekend, they're a great treat after the long, cold winter.

We usually just eat them plain, maybe with a little plain Greek yogurt (and brown sugar) if we're feeling fancy. And there are lots of strawberry-orange-banana smoothies at our house on school mornings -- they're a perfect way to wake everyone up and energize them for the final weeks of school. A strawberry dropped in a glass of chilled riesling at the end of the day? Heaven. Of course, there's jam making and pies, too, but what if you're looking for something really different? Last week I came across an intriguing recipe -- fried strawberries with chocolate sauce. Babble's In the Family Kitchen site has the recipe...Click through, take a look at the recipe and get cooking!

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