Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Market: Cakes by Ruthann (UPATED)

We're big, big fans of the delectable baked goods at Cakes by Ruthann. The gingerbread, the coconut cookies, the rum cake. The Rum Cake. Sorry, I got sidetracked by the memory of that delicious treat! 

This Saturday, Cakes by Ruthann will have great treats with a Jamaican twist for you and gifts for your favorite people.
Black rum cakes, rum balls, and chocolate candy popsicles that are great for stocking stuffers. Rum cakes are a great gift to buy now and store away until Christmas -- the longer they sit, the better they get!

And if you get a chance, make sure to try the ginger drink -- sweet, spicy and very refreshing! Stop by and visit Nicola and Ruthann at Holiday Market this Saturday!

We just got this email from Nicola -- it all sounds so good that we have to share it with you! 

Special Holiday edition by Cakes By Ruthann are:Our cake pops are delicious moist cake covered in delectable chocolate.Perfect for stocking stuffers are holiday themed chocolate candy Popsicles and Poinsettia pens for $1 each.Try a glass of the Jamaican Sorrel  which is a refreshing beverage made from the red hibiscus sabdariffa flower that is drank during the Christmas holiday in the islands. It has a slight tartness  and consistency like cranberry juice and a mild flowery taste and flavored with a bit of ginger and allspice. This beverage goes perfectly when paired with the Jamaican Black rum cake/fruit cake. The Black rum cake/Jamaican fruit cake is not your typical fruit cake. The fruits are soaked for months in rum and wine and then pureed and baked to perfection.
Nicola Tavares

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