Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Market: Eve's Cheese

We always enjoy hearing stories about the obsessive sorts of things that some of our friends do with the amazing cheeses from Eve's Cheese -- from feeding it to cats (lucky cats!) to intense omelette/grilled cheese/quesadilla experimentation, we love it all. And if you've tried Eve's Cheese, you know that it can inspire just these sorts of behaviors. From the Cheddar to the great varieties of Colby (including Horseradish, Italian, Dill, my favorite -- the BBQ, or Maryland special Crabby Colby) there's something for every cheese lover (cats included) and so many ways to kick up your omelets, grilled cheeses, and quesadillas (and so many other recipes!) Stop by Ruth's Cheese at Holiday Market this Saturday!

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