Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Market: Deciduous Dave's Walking Sticks & Stuff

It never ceases to amaze: the joy and wonder that children take in the simplest toys. The wooden swords from Deciduous Dave's Walking Sticks & Stuff have become a staple of play in Cheverly. They're great toys -- of course they can be swords, but they've also been known to double as light sabers, riding ponies, bridges for tiny Lego people... These are great gifts that promote truly thoughtlful, creative play and can be handed down amongst siblings (ours was a sword and lightsaber, now it's part of an elaborate castle protocol. Several children have been knighted by the Princess-Queen of the manor with it.)

In addition to swords, Dave makes wonderful, unique walking sticks, as well as juggling clubs, juggling orbs and devil sticks.  Dave also makes mojito makers, french rolling pins, sock darners, spurtles, dibber, and garden mushrooms. Visit with Dave this Saturday at Holiday Market, and find out what some of those things are! And while you're there, pick out wonderful gifts for the imaginative children, wonderful bakers, cocktail makers, knitters, and gardenrs on your holiday shopping list!

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