Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Market: New Starts Farm

Did you notice the beautiful recycled wood bird houses that Tom Baldwin brought to us at Thanksgiving Market a few weeks ago? Each one had a distinct personality -- they're really art. I must have passed them at least 10 times without really taking them in, but once I really looked, I fell in love. The best things are often like that -- right there in plain view if you look. I find that many of the products from New Starts fit this description -- quiet, natural and understated, but truly lovely in ways that are, at first, rather hard to describe.  

New Starts Farm has brought many wonderful, seasonal things to us at Cheverly Community Market over the years. From fresh, delicate herbs in the spring to gourds, garlic, and hearty plants in the fall, we always enjoy the natural beauty of the selection from New Starts.

Make sure to visit Tom at Holiday Market this Saturday. You might find a few fall ornamental plants (pansies and ornamental cabbage and Kale), as well as holiday cactus plants, seasonal centerpieces with gourds, ornamental corn, dried flowers, etc., and those lovely bird houses from recycled materials. 

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