Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who's coming to Market this week? Shlagel Farms!

Ellen Shlagel of Shlagel Farms keeps us updated on happenings at the farm and what they'll have for you at our special Labor Day weekend Market this Saturday:
We are very busy on the farm this week starting construction on our petting zoo for October Harvest Days on our farm and beginning the necessary preparation of the land to plant next seasons strawberries. All this with our usual three times a week grocery store deliveries and other Farmer's Markets keeps us outside from first to last light.
This Saturday, we'll have yellow seedless melons, eggplant, grape tomatoes, red seedless melons, green peppers, red peppers, old-fashioned sugar baby seeded melons, variety of hot peppers (wonderful for salsa), cantaloupes, green beans, tasty red tomatoes, low-acid yellow tomatoes, green tomatoes (for frying), roma tomatoes, kale, collards, small red potatoes, juicy peaches, a limited supply of raspberries, plenty of the tasty cider (that many of you are hooked on!), sweet white corn and baby cucumbers. We're watching the field closely for the ripening of our Sprite Melons. The taste is between a pear and a honey dew and they're crisp like an apple. They were a huge hit last year; both for taste and for their incredible nutritional value. Keep your fingers crossed! They'll be coming soon!If anyone would like a full 25 lb box of Roma tomatoes which are so tasty in sauce when the snow is flying, please send us an e-mail by Thursday evening so that we can pick them on Friday. They're $20.00 per box. Regular tomatoes are $15.00 per box.That should help you plan many tasty and nutritious menus for next week.
The Shlagels

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