Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who's Coming to the Market this week?

In addition to our monthly plant clinics with Master Gardeners and terrific music from Charles & Kelly of the Hot Noodles, this week our vendors will have all sorts of wonderful treats for your early fall table...

Shlagel Farms Tomatoes (large and small...a new crop of yellow grapes just started), kale and collards, eggplant, green beans, ciders, apples, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, green peppers, red peppers, hot peppers (jalapeno, poblano, cubanelle, anaheim, italian long hots, and habanero), white sweet corn, watermelon, cantaloupes, mums , flats of pansies that will bloom until spring…”I'm probably forgetting something so come and see for yourself!”

From Ellen Shlagel: “Although having Farmer Russ trapped inside due to rain is like having a grumpy bear in the house, we really needed a little moisture, so I'm thankful for the rain this week. He will be anxious until all of the beds for strawberries are made and the plants are in the ground. Construction on the petting zoo is zooming ahead. It's a little further from the house this year so my walk with heavy milk bottles for the babies will be a longer one, but it will be worth it to have a permanent structure for them. “Speaking of animal babies, Shlagel Farms is going to be handing out flyers with coupons for a discount visit to the farm. We open the farm up in October for school trips during the week and family trips on the weekends. You can visit a working family farm and have a kid safe hay ride, a trip through the petting zoo and turn through the straw maze. Our focus group are ages 2-8, although older kids will appreciate the visit as well. As a family you can pick your own pumpkin and make your own scarecrow if you want. Just bring clothes and we'll have the straw and string. We'll have flyers for you at the market coming soon.”

Rebert Farm/Benny’s Fruit Stand yellow peaches, the following apples - gala, honey crisp, golden supreme, macintosh, early red delicious, ida red, and smokehouse. We will fill out the table with pears, two types of grapes (pink tokay and concord), wintersquash, gourds, and indian corn Martha’s Jams In addition to her regular (and very delicious) flavors, Martha has just finished a special HOT pepper jelly. Some plum and maybe quince are in the making.

Cookies to Cocktails pie pops including banana nutella & pumpkin spice (made with Martha's jam), chocolate cake pops, vegan pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, scones, Fall-themed sugar cookies, coconut macaroons, cupcakes, ice cold milk & water

Fall Announcements... Having a Halloween party? Don't forget dessert! Cookies to Cocktails makes custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies or even Halloween-themed cake pops and pie pops!

Eve’s Cheese Eves cheese will be at the market with a variety of cheddar and colby cheeses. These cheese are made from whole grade a milk with no RBST (Hormones to increase milk production) The dairy, located in Chestertown, has herd of jersey cows and is a third generation family farm.

CUMC Fair Trade Coffee Tea Gifts After two years with the Market, Cheverly United Methodist Church is transferring the coffee booth to a very special new vendor: Dan Scott (you may know him from ChvBlog, Tia’s Lemonade and Chestnut Hill Honey...) All our fair trade coffee, chocolate, tea and gifts will be ON SALE at the markets September 12th and 26th. Limited quantities of fresh figs, fig preserves and fig molasses are also available at this time. COME BY ON SEPTEMBER 26th to make Dan feel loved (and busy) in the coffee booth!

Al Pong will have fragrant Sweet Olive (Osmanthus Fudingzhu), fragrant hardy Gardenia, Asian pears, apples, citrus trees - Pink lemon, Budda's hand, Meyer's lemon, Key lime, Ponderosa lemon, etc. and Prickley pears as well as goji berry plants

See you Saturday at the Market!

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