Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Food Blogs We Love: Grilled Cheese Academy

How many grilled cheese sandwiches have you made? If you have kids, probably a lot. Grilled cheese is one of those foods that seems to have the kid seal of approval for eternity. And it's little wonder -- warm, drippy cheese and toasted bread is an alchemy that defies description. Some things are classics.

Grilled Cheese Academy takes everything a step (or three) farther than your kids' grilled cheese. Figs and ham, barbeque, apples and blue cheese...yum! Though this site highlights Wisconsin cheeses (and they do know what they're doing with cheeses in Wisconsin!), why not translate some of those recipes for Maryland? You could do something with crab...that's a sure bet in Maryland. Or you could take some cooked Simply Sausages, some Eve's Cheese, some fresh greens and peppers from Shlagel Farm... or maybe peaches from Benny's and a little Jam from Martha's Jams, put it all on crusty bread from Cheverly Breadbasket... The possibilites are endless. And why not accompany your grilled creation with a glass of wine from one of our local vineyards? I'm getting hungry!

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