Thursday, September 20, 2012

This Week at the Market: Two Oceans Seafood

Gaylord Clark of Two Oceans Seafood is quite an interesting  guy. In addition to being a farmer on a 82-acre farm north of Baltimore, Gaylord also specializes in sustainably fished and farmed species. He has decades of experience and extensive knowledge of fish handling and fisheries management in the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Chesapeake Bay. In the 1980s, Gaylord worked on the very first frozen-at-sea vessel to work the Atlantic waters. He maintains his own boat, the Jack of Hearts, for fishing wild salmon in Alaska during the summers.

Based in Stevenson, Maryland, the Clark family takes great pride in offering seafood sourced from strictly managed commercial fisheries, many of which have earned Marine Stewardship Council certifications for sustainability. Their recent re-association with the commercial fisheries of the East Coast has provided opportunities to draw from local fisheries whose management systems and stocks allow for sustainable harvests. Two Oceans offers seasonally available wild seafood as well as some aquaculture-based seafood which meets their high standards for product quality and environmental stewardship.

Gaylord will have a wide variety of fish at the Market this Saturday, such as Sockeye salmon fillets, Coho salmon portions, Keta salmon portions, Mahi-Mahi portions, smoked salmon, and Halibut portions. From the farm, they'll have fresh eggs, plus poultry and honey! Yum!

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