Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This Week at the Market: Waltz Family Farm

Mmmm...there's a hint of the crisp air of autumn and we're ready for heartier fare! Waltz Family Farm provides delicious meat to us -- beef, pork, and lamb...and now sausages! We're excited to explore some new flavors and expand our cooking repertoire with some old favorites. 

This week, Laurie will have a great stock of beef, including New York Strip, Delmonico and Sirloin Steaks,  some Filet Mignon,  beef stew and ground beef, short ribs, roasts,  beef italian sausage (very tasty, we hear!), and beef hot dogs stuffed with jalapeno and cheddar – awesome! 

The Waltzes will also have some very nice cuts of lamb: they recently had two 4-H lambs butchered and the Leg of Lamb and Shoulder Roasts are beautiful. If you're planning on lamb for a holiday meal, these cuts would be perfect, so get them while they're here -- they aren't usually offered in this size!  Pre-orders for these would be appreciated, but a few will be available at the Market. Interested? E-mail Laurie directly.   

The Waltz's pork supply is well-stocked with more is on the way soon. They’ll be bringing sausages and kielbasa to Cheverly this Saturday!  Sausage flavors are Breakfast,  Applewurst, Hot Italian, and Polish, and maybe -- if we're lucky -- a few Sage sausages, too. We can't wait to try everything!

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