Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Community at the Market: Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek

It can be really easy to take our surroundings here in Cheverly for granted. Beautiful trees, lovely paths, and lots of suburban wildlife can sometimes be easy to overlook. Easy to overlook until you don't have those resources any longer. The Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek works to keep our local natural resources as sustainable, clean, and healthy as possible, and you can help. Visit the FoLBDC table for all sorts of great information on our  surroundings here in town:
  • The latest news about nature in and around Cheverly
  • Tips on how to care for the environment right in our own back (and front) yards
  • What does the county Rain Check program mean to you?
  • Information about FLBC, our own hands-on education and advocacy organization working to restore the health of Lower Beaverdam Creek and the Anacostia River (www.friendsoflowerbeaverdam.org)
  • Information about Cheverly's own Green Infrastructure Plan, helping preserve, restore, and sustain our natural environment (www.greencheverly.org)
You can shop the Market and also put in an hour or more at the October 26 work party. Meet us at the south end of Cheverly Avenue -- you'll see the FLBC banner and sign-in table.

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