Thursday, October 10, 2013

Music from the Market: Stephanie Stuart Mawler

We're always happy to introduce new musical artists to Cheverly Community Market, and this week is no exception! Stephanie Stuart Mawler is a composer and performer who started playing music more than 25 years ago.  She has played a wide variety of clubs, coffeehouses, and festivals from North Carolina to New Jersey.
image via Rambling Librarian
Playing an instrument known as the Chapman Stick, Stephanie Stuart is one half of the instrumental duo Cliff Art, which has released two self-produced, full-length albums.  Music from these albums has appeared on NPR, and can be purchased through, iTunes, and many other digital sources. Stephanie Stuart's musical influences are global, including Middle Eastern, Latin, European Classical, Jazz, and most definitely Rock-and-Roll.

This Saturday, spend some time at our cafe tables and enjoy the instrumental music that melds diverse styles with Stephanie's own unique perspective on life and music.

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