Friday, October 5, 2012

A Very Special Thank You

Over the past five years, we've been fortunate to have an amazing group of dedicated volunteers. Some have been with us from the very start, others have been with us here and there. No matter how long our volunteers have been involved, one thing is clear: Cheverly Community Market could not run without their efforts! Please join the Board of Cheverly Community Market in thanking each and every one of these amazing people at the Market tomorrow. They're the reason we are able to bring the Market to life every two weeks, May through October, as well as our special Markets and other special events.

We hope we included everyone -- as you can see, there are a lot of names here! If there's someone we missed, please let us know!

Doug Alexander
Jim Allegro

Charles Andrews
Kathryn Andrews
Paul Andrews
Maggie Andrews
Terry Arthur
Ann Barsi

Abe & Isaac Bonowitz

Larry Beyna

Jim Black

Mike Callahan

Peggy Callahan

Kat Callahan
Mary Jane Coolen

Bob Clayton
Rachel Dabney Rice
Lance Davis
Bob Dawkins
Diana Derby
Erik Dunham
Scott Eichinger
Scott Eldridge
Liz Esposito
Kelly Fisher

Corey Flintoff
Joel Gagliardo
John Gardner
Michael Geise
Brandon Gomez
Christian Gomez
Laurie Green
Riley Grimes
Jim Groves and Making Gin

Rob Hanson
Gabe Horchler
Tad Howley and Dixieland Jazz Band
Jolene Ivey
Brian Jarboe

Kenny Jones

Father KevinCarlin Kennedy

David Kneipp
Casey Kneipp
Dave Konieczko
Jill Konieczko
Jim Kurtz
Crystal Lal
Arvind Lal
Barbara Liston
Nathan Lorentz
Jim Macdonnell
Jim McCord
Jeff McGlew
John McGuirk
Matt Malone
Carl Maxwell
Dale Manty
Rachel Mears
David Merkey
Barb Michelman
Dan Misleh
Zach Misleh
Mike Moran
Julia Mosley
Liz O'Leary
Pat O'Leary
Dermot O'Leary
Erin O'Leary
Bob O'Sullivan
Aimee Olivo
Norm Oslik
Linda Priebe
Victor Ramirez
David Rapp
Jim Reitz
Joann Reitz
Sheila Salo
Selma Sayawa
Lee Schachter
Dan Scott
Stella Scott
Andrea Seabrook
Eileen Shlagel
Tom Smith
Gary Spoon
Alex StewartCarter
Phoebe StewartCarter
Ed Terry
David Thorpe
Tom Tremble
Katie Troyner


Tom Tremble
Don Tyler

Kara Tyler
Roz Vanderpool

Art Wintermyer

Nancy Wood and Tom Wood

Yard SignAmbassadors
Cheverly United Methodist Church
St. Ambrose Men's Club
The Town ofCheverly
David Warrington
Barbara Bannister
Minnie Dilday
Juan Torresand the Department of Public Works
Trudy Stenik

Thank you all! 
We're looking forward to our next five years...and beyond!

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