Thursday, October 4, 2012

This Week at the Market: Shlagel Farms

Mmmm...fall foods. Warm, nourishing stews and soups. Beautiful, fragrant braises and slow-cooked meals. Our stovetops and ovens kick into full gear, and the aromas of delicious cooking food fills our homes as the days get shorter and night falls just a little earlier. This Saturday, visit Shlagel Farms at Cheverly Community Market and stock up on terrific ingredients for the best meals of autumn: kale and collards, cabbage, green and red peppers, eggplant of all shapes and sizes, tomatoes, squash and zucchini, green beans, lima beans, brown eggs, apples, potatoes, pumpkins, mums, beets, onions, and winter squash. Your pantry will be full and you'll have amazing options to see you through these beautiful fall days! Need a little inspiration? Visit us on Pinterest for hundreds of recipes, plus tips, techniques and more!

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