Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This Week at the Market: Benny's Fruit Stand/Rebert Farm

We were so glad for the much-anticipated return of the Reberts at our June 1 Market! The cold spring lasted a lot longer in Pennsylvania, and while it meant that they couldn't be with us for the first few markets, we're really benefitting now! As strawberry and asparagus season draws to a close in Maryland,  these gems of the new growing season are still at their peak at Rebert Farm. This Saturday, Benny's Fruit Stand/Rebert Farm will bring us lovely, fresh strawberries and asparagus at their very best...we get to enjoy those fleeting spring flavors just a little bit longer!
Have you grilled asparagus and topped it with a squeeze of Meyer lemon, a shaving of pecorino-romano and a grind of black pepper? Ever lightly grilled strawberries, spooned them over rich vanilla ice cream and drizzled it all with reduced balsamic vinegar? This is the time to let your culinary imagination run free! For all sorts of ideas about what you can do with these gorgeous ingredients, visit us on Pinterest!

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