Thursday, June 13, 2013

This Week at the Market: Martha's Jams

One of our favorite breakfast treats is Martha's Jams' spicy blueberry preserves with a dollop of good Irish butter on a thick slab of toasted challah the morning after a market. Another favorite? Shrimp glazed with Martha's spicy peach preserves mixed with a bit of caramelized garlic and grilled to perfection. We love that Martha's Jams can be used in so many ways, morning to night and throughout the day!

This Saturday, visit Martha's Jams at Cheverly Community Market for all your favorites. She'll have apricot jam and guava...they've been sold out and Martha was finally able to get fruit to make more. And favorites for all the spicy hot parents in town...the hot jams are in: hot fig, hot mango, hot peach, hot pineapple and hot pepper! Here's a great opportunity to further stretch those culinary skills -- star in your very own home version of Master Chef!

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