Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This week at the Market: Cakes by Ruthann

June 24 through 30 is Caribbean Cuisine and Restaurant Week and Cakes by Ruthann is celebrating at Cheverly Community Market!

In honor of this event Cakes by Ruthann will have the following:

The Jammin’ Meal Deal -- $8 for jerk chicken, red beans & rice and plantains (YUM!) service starts at 10:30am

They'll also have their Signature Mini Caribbean black Rum Cake for $5 and many more authentic Caribbean and tropical-inspired desserts and beverages.

* Coconut Ginger Drops *
* Carrot Cake *
* Banana Bread *
* Cherry and Walnut Brownies with Marshmallow swirl *
* Cherry Brownies with Marshmallow swirl *
We love that many of our vendors work together to bring you wonderful products created with local ingredients, and we want to share this post from Cakes by Ruthann on Facebook:

The Skinny on Ruthann’s Strawberry Lemonade

That’s right, we don’t use store bought “Strawberry” juices or pre-made strawberry lemonade mix but the real thing, strawberries.

People have asked why our strawberry lemonade tastes so good. The secret is ………..

WE USE REAL STRAWBERRIES! I buy local! What I mean by that is, I buy my fresh strawberries from farmer’s that are at the farmer’s market that I serve. For example, I buy my strawberries from Shlagel Farms and Benny’s at Cheverly Market, and Musachio Produce and any farmer at Riverdale Park that has strawberries that week.

We think it's important for our customers to know that our vendors support each other -- please show your support!

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