Friday, June 28, 2013

This week at the Market: Waltz Family Farm

Is there any holiday more closely associated with grilling than the Fourth of July? Whether you're grilling hot dogs, chops, ribs, thick steaks, kabobs, or burgers, Waltz Family Farm has your meat needs covered. Laurie has just stocked up with a new supply of beef (they are totally sold out at the moment!)   so they'll be bringing a lot of great beef cuts to Cheverly on Saturday. This is very good news! Waltz Family Farm will many different steaks, brisket, ground beef, roasts, and some hard to find cuts, like flank and hanger steak (these go fast, so visit Laurie early). They have a nice variety of pork to get your palate excited, including pork chops and loin roasts – great on the grill -- and sausages, hot dogs, ribs, and kielbasa just to name a few. The Waltz's lamb selection is wonderful and they're very happy with how good it’s been this year. Pick up ground lamb and assorted cuts of lamb chops (cut a little thick so they are great on the grill), as well as leg of lamb and some shoulder roasts.

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