Thursday, June 13, 2013

This Week at the Market: Cheverly Breadbasket

Whether you enjoy artisanal breads from Cheverly Breadbasket in their pure, glorious, unadorned, fresh state...
...or delectable sweet and savory pastries, muffins, or cookies with a cup of coffee as you listen to fine music from our bands and catch up with friends and neighbors about events of the past week and plans for the week ahead...
...or you like to take home crusty baguettes, marry them to your own brilliant sandwich recipes or save a bit (a tall order) for french toast, bread puddings, or panzanella, make sure to visit Arvind this Saturday and stock up! And don't forget those amazing Moctec tortillas and chips -- perfect for Father's Day appetizers.

Looking for panzanella inspiration? We've gathered dozens of panzanella recipes over on Pinterest!

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