Thursday, July 25, 2013

Community at the Market: Prince George's County Master Gardeners

Please welcome the Prince George's County Master Gardeners back to Cheverly Community Market for their monthly Plant Clinic. This is a great opportunity to get help from people with real green thumbs. Bring plants or photos and sit down with the experts -- they can help you identify problems and find solutions, as well as helping with some creative thinking about what to grow here in Cheverly!

The Master Gardener program is administered by the University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Cooperative Extension Service. The program's mission is to educate residents about safe, effective and sustainable horticultural and gardening practices that build healthy gardens, landscapes and communities in Prince George's County. Master Gardeners are volunteers, trained by the university, who provide horticultural education services to individuals, groups, and communities including government agencies, neighborhood associations, non-profit organizations, historic sites, schools and youth groups, senior citizens and garden clubs.

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