Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This week at the Market: Martha's Jams

Here's something that happens when you shop at a farmer's market: you talk with the very people who produce your food, whether they grow it, bake it, or preserve it. You can tell farmer's market vendors what you like and what you don't. And if they're good vendors, they listen. At Cheverly Community Market, we have some great vendors. They listen. They care. They respond.

A perfect example? Martha Allen of Martha's Jams. Over the years, we've overheard customer requests and we've always enjoyed observing the progress of such discussions. Martha has been busily at work on some of those requests recently, including Sugar-Free Hot Pepper Jelly. And she has made more wweet pepper, plum. mango-ginger, rhubarb, rhubarb-strawberry, strawberry-rhubarb, and sour cherry, too. We can't wait to pick up a jar or tow and taste the results!

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