Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving Market: Cakes by Ruthann

We've welcomed some wonderful new vendors to Cheverly Community Market this year, and we're thrilled to continue introducing these great discoveries to our friends all season!

One of our favorite new (well, new to Cheverly Community Market -- she's well known to Cheverly people) additions this year has been Cakes by Ruthann. Ruthann and Andrea bring amazing Jamiacan-influenced savories and sweets to us, and it's wonderful that thwy'll be with us at Thanksgiving Market! 

Cakes by Ruthann will have gingerbread cookies, ginger beer (non-alcholic), rum balls and beautifully decorated Jamaican rum cakes, not to mention vegetable, beef and chicken patties (turnover/empanadas). These beautifully spiced savory pies are absolutely delicious (and they smell heavenly!) Pick up a rum cake and save it for the holidays -- they get even better as the rum soaks into the cake -- great for a gift or to serve at your own table!

Make sure to stop by the Cakes by Ruthann table at Thanksgiving Market this Saturday, 9:00am to 1:00pm in the Cheverly Community Center...we'll be waiting for you!

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