Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving Market Community: Cheverly Green Infrastructure Event

The great community volunteers involved with the Cheverly Green Infrastructure Plan have a big event this Saturday, and Cheverly Community Market is proud to play a small part. 

This Saturday, Cheverly residents may purchase  SoilSaver compost bins for only $20 (regular price up to $99.98 at Amazon & other locations). It's a great deal for you and the world around you!

The low price has been made possible by grants from the Chesapeake Bay Trust (through the Green Infrastructure Plan Committee grant), the NIE Institute, and the Town of Cheverly. Friends of Lower Beaverdam Creek (FLBC) is administering the grants and the Environmental Committee of Progressive Cheverly is implementing the program. This is a comprehensive plan to encourage all residents to compost food scraps, waste paper like paper towels, napkins and tissue, and other compost-able materials to reduce Town tipping fees and improve overall waste management. Of course, you’ll also produce great compost to amend your garden, bushes and lawn. Their goal is to place 400 bins over three years... a goal that, if realized, will save the Town over $56,000 in tipping fees over the next 10 years.

Interested? Stop by and talk to Doug Alexander this Saturday at Thanksgiving Market. He can explain more about the benefits and process of composting, and get you going on a great project! And make sure to visit the Cheverly Green Infrastructure site for detailed information on all the ways that Cheverly is working to preserve, restore and sustain the natural environment of the town and surrounding areas as intact and healthy ecosystems, through a community participatory process, balancing the fulfillment of human needs and protection of the natural environment.

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