Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thanksgiving Market: Eve's Cheese

We love Eve's Cheese. It's just that simple. These beautiful, flavorful cheeses come to us direct from the Eastern Shore -- the cows at Mason's Fawnwood Farm produce rich grade A milk just perfect for high quality cheese, and no antibiotics or chemical compounds are used to increase  milk production. Happy cows make fantastic cheese and we're happy to bring this wonderful resource to Cheverly Community Market!

Visiting family or friends this Thanksgiving? Why not offer to bring a variety of cheeses to share? If you're the host, having cheese on hand is a great idea...easy hors d'oeuvres, and a key ingredient in so many holiday recipes. Warm apple pie with a slice of Colby on top? Yes, please. And Thanksgiving leftovers? How about a turkey quesadilla with shredded turkey and some Eve's BBQ Colby? Sounds delicious!

Whatever you make, Eve's Cheese is sure to make it even more delicious! Make sure to visit them at our Thanksgiving Market on November 19!

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Anonymous said...

Eve's cheese is the best cheese I've tried, and I've tried many. Always consistently full of flavor. Looking forward to restocking my supply.