Thursday, November 10, 2011

Food Blogs We Love: Post-Punk Kitchen

We know that most people focus on turkey for what could easily be described as THE food holiday of the year...turkey (just like bacon) is delicious! But there are people -- a lot of people, in fact -- that do not use animal products or try to limit their consumption. Thanksgiving can be a real challenge for them, from the "concerned" people who don't know how they can get enough protein to the family member who acts hurt that someone won't eat their turkey to the meat-laden vegetables (yep, bacon is good in just about everything).

Luckily, there are a lot of vegetarian/vegan cooking blogs these days, and they provide great, creative ideas for healthful options for omnivores and veg people alike. One of our favorites? Post-Punk Kitchen. This site has been showcasing great veg food for years, and spawned of one of the most popular veg cookbooks, Veganomicon, a great resource for any cook's library.  The site is definitely worth a visit -- you'll come away with lots of ideas for healthful veg recipes that can satisfy everyone at your holiday table.

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