Thursday, August 9, 2012

This Week at the Market: Cygnus Wine Cellars

Cheverly Community Market is proud of our standing as the first farmer's market in Maryland to bring wine directly to our customers, and we continue to strenghen relationships with our Market favorites, and build new relationships even as other markets open their doors to the wineries. A recent article in the Washington Post touts Maryland wines, and the news is spreading.

Since 2008, the following wineries have been part of the Cheverly Community Market family:

This Saturday, we're pleased to welcome Cygnus Wine Cellars back to Cheverly Community Market. Cygnus joined us last year for our Thanksgiving and Holiday Markets, so this is a real treat. This small family winery, located in Manchester, Carroll County, first crushed grapes in 1995. Winemaker Ray Brasfield creates wonderful, balanced wines and consults other growers in order to promote the very best possible wine culture in the region.

"It's a blend of art and science. There's an artistic and a technical side. There are a lot of technically correct wines that are stylistically boring. You must take the science and merge it with a sense of style and artistry."
Ray Brasfield - Winemaker/Owner

Cygnus offers a full range of wines, from dry, semi-dry and sweet table wines to sparkling wines. Visit the Cygnus website for a complete list and descriptions of the wines, and a detailed description of the winemaking styles in use at Cygnus.

Visit Ray at Cheverly Community Market this Saturday. Talk to him about the wines learn about the growing tradition of spectacular Maryland wine.

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