Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Community at the Market: University of Maryland Extension's Loan-A-Layer Project

In many areas of the country, people are starting to keep chickens in their backyards. Even urban and suburban municipalities are changing their ordinances to allow residents to keep hens. Though it's not legal here in Cheverly -- yet -- local residents are interested in how keeping chickens in their backyards might work. Thanks to Dave Kneipp, the University of Maryland Extension Loan-A-Layer Program will be on hand this Saturday at the Market!
Have you wondered about keeping chickens? Learn about the ins and outs this weekend. Experience small-scale egg production before making the commitment to buy hens, coops, and equipment. The Loan-A-Layer Program will bring a small pasture coop that houses several hens. It's the same type of equipment that many people are using in their backyards. An Educator will be on hand to explain all aspects of layer production and answer your questions. Feed and water the chickens, collect eggs, and learn about how these small-scale coops work. Many thanks to Dave Kneipp and to University of Maryland Extension for making this demonstration possible!

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