Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Vendor: Gone Greens

We got a great email this week -- a request to appear at Cheverly Community Market from Gone Greens of Hyattsville. Launched in 2012, the company came about as a result of the work that owner Nessa McClain did as she wrote the cookbook The Worlds Gone Collard Greens. 

The company has ventured into developing innovative methods for the home cooks, specialty stores, restaurants, and caterers to experience collard greens on a totally different level; collard greens are an everyday love affair. Gone Greens is motivated to transform the collard green into a daily cooking staple, comparable to broccoli, spinach and lettuce. 

Gone Greens offers collard green-based condiments, made fresh daily from locally sourced ingredients. The Pesto, Chutney, Chili Paste and Pico de Gallo Flavor Blends are great multicultural condiments that are wonderful addition to the American meal experience. See descriptions for the full line of products on the Gone Greens website, then stop by and meet Nessa this Saturday. She'll have great tips for bringing collard greens to your table this fall. 


GodsChild said...

I've had the pleasure of enjoying several of these recipes after purchasing my copy of The World's going Collard Greens. My personal favorite is the Pico de Gallo because if I want to eat it plain with nachos or turn up the heat in my kitchen, add more hot peppers on it and serve it as a topping on my choice of pan-seered fish, either way is delish! Mmmmmm...Yummy! It's a hit everytime either way. Thumbs Up to the Gone Greens Nation!

pricklygirl said...

We agree -- what a find! Gone Greens was a big success at Cheverly Community Market yesterday and we have invited her to come back any time she can! Personal favorite? The collard chili paste, lots of fragrant cumin and spice. Everything is FABULOUS!