Friday, November 8, 2013

Thanksgiving Market Pre-ordering Information: Natural Nick's Produce

Want something truly special to take to a holiday meal away from home or a wonderful traditional treat for the trip to Grandmother's house? Natural Nick's Produce will have many items available for pre-order for our Thanksgiving Market...
Natural Nick's Tomato Basil Sauce Family recipe dating back to the 1930s. Contains no sugar and very little sodium, approximately 200mg per serving. $7.00 One Pint Jar
Natural Nick's Amaretti Angelina (Amaretti di Saronno) A soft macarroon-like cookie very rich in Almond flavor. Made with almond flour, whole egg, sugar and Amaretto, this authentic Italian dolce dates back to the early 1700s in Saronno, Italy. Amaretti Angelina is gluten free. $7.00 Box of 6
Natural Nick's Biscotti Antoinetta  The recipe of my Paternal Grandmother Antoinetta, which dates back to the late 1800s. This authentic Italian Biscotti is made with anise seed, Anisette Liqueur and almond. It is rich in flavor and dense, unlike commercially produced Biscotti. $5.00 Box of 6

Natural Nick's Baklava Alexandra This is an authentic Greek Baklava made from fresh (not frozen) phyllo, walnut, almond, cinnamon, a touch of clove and citrus zest in a syrup with imported Greek Honey. $12.00 Box of 6

Natural Nick's Fruit Conserves uses no pectin, resulting in a softer set. Following the centuries old French and British methods, this is the among the oldest methods for preserving fruit.
Natural Nick's Adriano Fig Conserve  Made from Natural Nick's Adriano Figs $6.00 1/2 Pint Jar (Quantities are very limited)
Natural Nick's Threeberry Conserve  A combination of Blackberry, Blueberry and Raspberry $6.00 1/2 Pint Jar
Natural Nick's Blueberry Conserve  Rich Blueberry flavor with a slight blend of wine grape raisins (Muscatel, Red Flame & Seedless Thompson) $6.00 1/2 Pint Jar. (Quantities are very limited)
All products are handmade by Natural Nick and limited in quantity. 

To order contact Natural Nick at by Saturday November 16, 2013. All orders must include name, email address and telephone number. Place the words "Cheverly Community Market Pre-Order" in the subject line. Fulfillment of all orders will be verified in writing via email. Due to limitations in time and availability you will be contacted in case any order cannot be fulfilled.

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