Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving Market Special Message: Volunteers Needed!

 How do we get from this...
to this?
With the help of many volunteers, of course!

We are so eager to spend this Saturday morning with you celebrating Thanksgiving and all the wonders of this season, but first we need help setting up. Our amazing volunteer coordinator, Mayor Mike Callahan, sent this note out to his crew earlier this week, but he could certainly use extra hands for our biggest markets of the season.
Hey Folks,

Just two more markets to go and of course the Holiday Markets are the best. The good news is there is a much shorter distance for lugging the tables. The bad news is we do a little more help for the vendors. But the good news is no tents to set up!
SO here's the deal... Can we get a few folks for Friday at 7:00pm to set up tables for and hour and then a few folks to come Saturday Morning and help move stuff for vendors?

Friday: 7:00pm Table Set Up
Saturday: 7:00am: Vendor Assistance
Saturday 11:45am Take Down 
Please shout out if you can make it. Thanks!
If YOU can lend a hand, please email Mike. Cheverly Community Market really does run on volunteer power, and we appreciate every little bit, so thank you!

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