Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ideas We Love: DIY storage bags

So you get to the Market. You bring (or buy) your big reusable shopping bags, but what do you do about your lettuce and other delicate produce that needs to be kept apart from your other purchases? You don't want those lovely herbs, lettuces and other fruits and veggies crushed by the time you go home!

Instead of using plastic bags, how about making some reusable produce bags? Design Sponge (one of my favorite websites for all sorts of great ideas!) has a great little tutorial for this easy DIY project. And with the hot, hot weather, a quick inside project is just the thing! Best yet, you can recycle old dish towels, personalize your bags in all sorts of ways and really make them your own. And they're super simple, so you can whip up enough for all your purchases at next Saturday's Market!

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