Thursday, June 16, 2011

This Week at the Market: Shlagel Farms

You know we're always happy to see Ellen Shlagel of Shlagel Farms! The summer growing season is really getting under way now, and we'll start to see all sorts of gorgeous produce that we associate with these hot summer months. Ellen shares the proof with her list of what she'll bring to Market this Saturday:

This week Shlagel Farms will be bringing the following to market:

Kale and collard greens
Squash and zucchini
mixed salad greens
brown eggs
a few blackberries
a few black raspberries
cider (we now have two types of cherry)
green beans

And a special message from Ellen:

A huge Thank you to those of you that recycle your egg cartons and bring those back to me.  I really appreciate the extra trouble that you go to for me and for the planet!

Time to start making your meal plans...there's so much good, healthy, local food coming to you this week!

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