Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A message from the Market Manager regarding pets at the Market

Hi, everyone.

Dogs at the market was a discussed topic on the Exchange since I asked several folks to tie their dogs over in the shade since we have it clearly on the website that dogs are not welcome at the market. Last night, I spent several hours googling health codes. It is a big topic of conversation on the internet among dog lovers from coast to coast, apparently.

I composed a letter of response (since I was the meanie who sent them away.) I had also e-mailed Elaine Friebele after the first market to remind her of the dog-free market. Here is what is posted on the exchange today:Since the inception of the Cheverly Community Market, dogs have not been allowed. When this question arose, I combed through the health codes for markets, food distribution sites and community fairs. While there is not a specific ruling banning dogs, it is stated that it is up to each market to set their own standard AND PUBLICIZE IT.

I am presently the market manager for the Cheverly Community Market as well as a "dog person." I am undoubtly the person who suggested that since dogs were not allowed in the market area, they could be tied in the shade next to the market. I am also a "child person." We have many of them at the market. While your dog might be fine with kids, some get easily spooked (mine included) and the closeness of the market stalls does not leave much leeway to keep dogs and kids apart.

We have chosen to take the better safe than sorry position that is prevailent at most of the smaller markets. I hope you all understand that with a group of varying interests, we can only try to do out best to keep all parties safe and happy.


I received a call from the Health Depart regarding you inquiry about dogs at the market.  There is not a Board of Health ruling on dogs at the market. He did not know where that came from, but he had only been with the Board of Health for three years. That leaves it up to each market to make their decision about dogs.
Our situation has changed this year since we now carry insurance.  I think it is in our best interest to continue to keep dogs from the market...
Now...Cheverly DOES need a dog park...maybe could be held in conjunction with the market!  (Just joking)

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