Monday, June 20, 2011

New Ideas for Favorite Ingredients

During the Market this Saturday, I had a great chat with Ellen Shlagel about drawing inspiration from the Market vendors. It came up because I told her that seeing and tasting all the wonderful flavors from POPular Pops -- and watching reactions of all the people wandering around with popsicles -- made me want to come home and try out some of my own flavor ideas. This has happened many times at the Market -- seeing combinations of produce, meat, seafood, jams, gets me thinking about new ways to make my favorite recipes or (even better) try something completely new. Ellen said that she had the same experience, and that a few years ago a customer told her about a recipe he made using Shlagel Farms Peach cider. She listened, but didn't try it. He came to see her again a few weeks later with a gift -- his recipe using her ingredients. And, she said, it was wonderful. He opened her eyes to something that's in her household every day. Imagine!

So are you curious about that recipe? So simple, and perfect for summer:
Combine very cold strong black tea with very cold each cider and chill until it's almost icy. That's it. Simple and delicious. Ellen also told me that a bride several years ago combined that same peach cider with champagne for wedding mimosas. Another fantastic idea that I want to try.

What about you? Have you found new uses for standard ingredients in your home or at the Market? I know of some very creative, delicious ways that Martha's Jams are making it onto local dinner plates. And I heard about a Cheverly cat with a predilection for Eve's Cheddar Cheese (lucky cat!) We'd love to hear some of your stories!

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