Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Simply Sausage at the Market this Saturday!

There were tons of great sights, smells, and sounds at our first Market of the year. One of my favorites was the smell of cooking sausages coming from Simply Sausage. I could have stood next to that tent just breathing in that delicious aroma all day!

We're very excited to see our friends again this's a sneak peek at what they'll have for you: 

"We are bringing a wide assortment of yummy sausages. We’ll increase quantities of those that sold out during the last market. Look for more Cumberland and Rosemary Lamb. For June, we are also featuring boldly flavored sausages like Kielbasa, Chicken with Hatch Green Chiles, Chipotle Chorizo, and Blue Cheese Butifarra." 

 I had to look up "Butifarra", and boy, am I glad I did, because it sounds even more delicious! Butifarra is a sausage and an important component of Catalanian cooking. Simply Sausage makes their Butifarra with Duroc pork, Spanish sea salt, water, and black pepper. Simple and delicious. Stanley Feder learned to make these very special sausages in Spain from traditional sausage makers, and the craft shows in all their products. Stop by the big blue tent this Saturday (follow your nose!), try a sample and pick up a few packages for quick, delicious summer meals.

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