Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wine Returns to the Market -- Elk Run Vineyards!

Bob and Susan Cecil of Elk Run Vineyards are looking forward to returning to the Cheverly Community Market for our 5th year...and we're looking forward to their return!
One of the top wineries on the East Coast, Frederick County's Elk Run combines modern research and technology with traditions and practices of old world wine making. The result? Fine wines with character, structure, balance and good color.

This Saturday, Elk Run Vineyards will have a wide variety of wine for you to choose from...start planning now!
Dry Wines:

Rich nose of pineapple and flowers with a soft complex finish.
CHARDONNAY – Cold Friday Vineyard, MD 2009  
Full-bodied, crisp and lightly oaked.
GYPSY ROSE 2009 - A rose of Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.
Dry with cherry and rose petal aromas, smooth and full bodied.
RED DOOR - Cold Friday Vineyard, MD 2009
A five-grape blend gives the wine bright red berry fruit flavors,
smooth tannins.  A light easy-drinking red wine.
MERLOT – Cold Friday Vineyard MD 2008   
Rich in color, flavors of cherry and blackberry with soft tannins,
good balance and a medium finish.  
Slightly Sweet Wines:

GEWURZTRAMINER – Cold Friday Vineyard MD  2010 
Grapefruit and lychee fruit aromas with citrus overtones
Very fruity with peach and apple flavors.  Clean finish. 
Soft yet crisp.  A blush with hints of tropical berry in the nose.
Sweet Wines:

SWEET KATHERINE 2009 (500 ml bottle)  
A sweet after-dinner wine.  Full-bodied with a smoky, 
smooth texture.  Made from Cabernet Sauvignon.
VIN DE JUS GLACE 2007 (375 ml)  
Lavishly sweet ice wine style from the Riesling grape.
This port of Cabernet Sauvignon has rich blackberry flavors 
with a hint of anise and deep color.
"We'll also have a selection of our popular women's shirts. These are black v-necks with rhinestone slogans such as "Age Gets Better With Wine", "Group Therapy", "Well Red" and other wine-related sayings."

So start planning your wine purchases now -- with so many social activities over the summer months, you'll want to stock up, and the Market is the perfect place to do it!

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